Lauren Burkhart and Carle Gaier
You and Me on the Radio

Wednesday 7-8 p.m.
We intend to play a broad variety of music on our show. Mostly, we will stick to punk, emo and new wave. Every week, we will have a moment of funk where we play a good old funk tune. We also play songs that we think are funny, whether they fit in the punk/emo/new wave category or not. We don't talk all that much because we feel we don't have anything interesting to say. Occasionally we hope to have a guest on the show. During this time, there still wont be that much talking.

Lauren, a Marietta college English major, enjoys loud music, quiet parties, and Tennyson. When she is not on the radio, you can usually find her in her room, watching lifetime television movies. (She especially likes all the lifetime movies about bulimia and abusive husbands). She sings with the Marietta College concert choir and recently sang for the pope (I'm not kidding). She hails from Akron, Ohio and likes to think that her small city is the greatest metropolis in the modern world (but she also adores Marietta). Listen to Lauren (please!) and Carle on Wednesday nights at 7 on You and Me on the Radio, WCMO 98.5 fm.

Carle is a junior theatre major from Indiana. He enjoys punk, hardcore, indie, and ska music. When he isn't topping capatalsit empires, beating hippies, or combing his Mohawk, carle enjoys long walks on the beach and Tang. You've probably never heard his favorite bands and he probably hates yours. In closing, carle would like to say, "oi".