The Theatre Department has two performance facilities: the Friederich Theatre, a flexible, 200-seat theatre; and Studio 101, a 65-seat proscenium house.

The Friederich Theatre has three full-stage wagons that enable a full set change of a realistic interior in less than 15 seconds and a loft for flying scenery. During the 2003-4 academic year, the Friederich was set up for alley staging; during 2006-7, it was set up for thrust staging, and during 2007-8, it was set up for arena staging. A fully-equipped scene shop opens directly into the theatre, and paint and storage rooms adjoin the scene shop. An offsite storage facility contains 10,000 square feet of furniture and set pieces.

A new lighting system, sound system, and seating were installed in 2001; a cyclorama and new scrims were installed in 2002. Studio 101 was completely refurbished in 2002. A new set of soft goods were purchased in 2006 for the Friederich and in 2007 for Studio 101. We began an upgrade to our communication system in 2008, enabling party-line communication throughout the building, including offstage monitors in the green room and costume shop. Both control booths recently underwent an overhaul, adding built-in tables and new ergonomic chairs.

The Friederich Theatre and Studio 101 are both located in the Hermann Fine Arts Center




The scene shop has recently been reorganized and upgraded to include a professional table saw, sliding compound miter saw, several heavy duty 18-volt cordless drills, air compressor, pneumatic tools, and a complete assortment of hand and power tools. The paint room has been refurbished and upgraded. Our complete set of furniture and props have been photographed and catalogued for easy reference.

The newly reorganized costume studio is located on the second floor of the Hermann Fine Arts Center.  Six new Bernina sewing machines, in addition to industrial serger and sewing machines support all levels of student abilities in costume construction. Flat patterning, draping and computer patterning software are regularly used to build costumes. Our costume stock includes new and vintage costumes organized in a well-lit area conveniently located near the costume studio. An extensive collection of extant garments dating back to the 1860’s provide an excellent research resource to our students.

Our computer lab contains 9 work stations connected to standard and large-format printing equipment. Some of the programs installed are Vectorworks, Final Draft, Virtual Light Lab, Lightwright, Microsoft Office.