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Courses in Performance (15 Hours)

Acting 1, Acting 2, Advanced Acting
Voice & Movement

Technical Theatre Courses (24 Hours)

Intro to Theatre Production
Intro to Theatre Design
Stagecraft Scenery
Stagecraft Costumes
Stagecraft Makeup
Stagecraft Lighting
Stage Management
Scenic Design and Costume or Lighting Design

Directing Courses (6 Hours)

Directing 1 and Directing 2

Dramatic Literature Courses (12 Hours)

Intro to Dramatic Literature
Theatre History 1 and 2
One additional 300-level course in dramatic literature

Practicum Courses (6 Hours)

Performance Practicum
Technical Theatre Practicum
Advanced Performance Practicum
Advanced Technical Theatre Practicum
Additional Performance or Tech Practicum
Additional Advanced Performance or Tech Practicum

Internship (3 Hours)


Electives (12 Hours)

Electives should be carefully chosen to satisfy identified needs or theatre-related interests of individual students. Examples of courses that may be appropriate: art courses for a student interested in design, or music and dance courses for a student interested in acting. Courses outside the Theatre Department must be approved in advance by the Theatre Department Chair.

Capstone (3 Hours)



Total 81 Hours