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Immunology --Biol 430
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Dr. Steven R. Spilatro 
Department of Biology and Environmental Science
 Marietta College


MolnQuiry Molecular Tutorial

Help on Powerpoint Presentations
Effective powerpoint design

Model key paper ppt presentation
Not directly pertinent to autoimmune disorder presentations,
but includes many useful suggestions.

Some animation Libraries
Each of these sites have links to many animations animations

     Click on show file list icon to select and view any of many animations that are available.
    Has many medically related  animations, several relevant to this course.

Topic PowerPoint
Printing Ppt slides
 Question Banks Animations
Overview download download

CTL attacking Fibroblast-G
Adaptive immune responsess-A

Components download download Apoptosis-G
Leukocyte chemotaxis
Leukocytes rolling
Leukocytes rolling
Lymphocyte homing
Neutrophil chasing cell
download download Complement activation-M
Antibodies download download Antibody Structure-S
Antigens and
download download ELISA methodology-S
ELISpot methodology-C
Producing monoclonal antibodies
Producing monoclonal antibodies
download download B-cell Td antigen activation-M
MHC & 
Explanations of...
HLA Nomenclature I
HLA Nomenclature II
download download MHC-I structure-S
MHC-II structure
T-cells, Regulation & Tolerance
download download T-cell selection-Davidson College
CTL killing of target cells-M
CTL killing of viral infected cell
Influenza virus infection-H
Vaccination and Immunotherapy download download Vaccines-M
DNA Vaccines
 Hypersensitivities download download Type-1 hypersensitivity-M
Transplantation download download  
Immunodeficiencies & AIDS download download HIV Life Cycle-S
HIV Life Cycle-H
HIV Life Cycle-M
HIV treatments-M
HIV protease inhibitor-H
HIV RT inhibitor-H

 Animation Sources
A- Annenberg Media 
C-Cellular Technology, Ltd
D-Tracy Deem
(PhD research)
G- Garland Science Publishing
H- Howard Hughes Medical Institute 
M- McGraw-Hill  (
S- Sumanas