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Cell Biology
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Dr. Steven R. Spilatro
Department of Biology and Environmental Science
Marietta College

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Virtual Cell Animations

Inner Life of Cell

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Topic PowerPoint
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 Question Banks Animations
Membrane Structure download download Laser tweezers
Membrane fluidity
Membrane Transport download download Action potential
Synapse signaling
Cytoskeleton download download Intermediate filaments
Dynamic Instability
MT EBT capping
Kinesin walking
Flagella movement
Membrane ruffling
Projectile Listeria
Myosin structure
Sarcomere contraction
Actin walking on myosin
Energy Generation download download Mitochondria ATP synthase
Intracellular Transport download download Cell compartments
Protein import
Protein translocation
Receptor mediated
Vesicle trafficking
Clathrin coating
The Cell Cycle & Cancer download download Apoptosis
Cellular Communication & Cancer download download G-protein signalling
cAMP signalling
IP3 signalling
Cellular Communities download download  
Chromosomes & DNA download download Replication fork
DNA Replication
Alu article
DNA to Protein download download Transcription
Peptide elongation
Control of Gene Expression download download  
Literature Resources for Lab Reports
These articles are on library reserve as pdf's
They include articles on actin structure and function, and associations between actin and cancer

The link below provides an example ppt 
presentation of a primary article
Model ppt presentation
Lab Resources
Lab Report Guidelines

Culturing and Fluorescent Staining of B16 Cells

Studying Photosynthetic Electron Transport Through the Hill Rx

Measuring Protein Concentration through Absorption Spectrophotometry

Electrophoresis and Electroblotting of Proteins

Immunoblotting of β-Actin

Histology of Mouse Tissues
Related resource:
Mouse anatomy atlas

Lab Notebook