Biol 202


          Biology 202 -- Microbiology 
Lab Results
Dr. Steven R. Spilatro
Department of Biology
Marietta College

Lab exercise

Basic Techniques

Streak Plate

Bacterial Cytology

Flagella Stain

Motility Agar

Schaeffer-Fulton (endospore) Stain



Culture Media

Fluid Thioglycollate -- Oxygen Requirements

MacConkey Agar

Starch Agar


Indole DrySlide

Kligler Iron Agar

Methyl Red - Voges Proskauer

Purple Broth

Simmons Citrate Agar

Indigenous Bacteria and Pathogens

Blood Hemolysis

Esculin/PYR Rapid Test

Mannitol Salt Agar

Control of Bacterial Growth

Antibiotic testing

UV Irradiation

Examination of Foods and Water

Eosine Methyline Blue Agar

Lactose Broth

Standard Plate Count

Virology and Bacterial Genetic Recombination

Viral Plaques

Creating Ampicillin Resistant Bacteria


Oxidase DrySlide

Urea Broth