Step 3 of rate calculation

What are the steps in calculating the photosynthetic rate (umole O2 / m2 / min) for a leaf that with an area of 0.0025 m2 and a O2 evolution rate of 0.096 %O2 / min?

Step 1) convert %O2 to uL O2/L

096 %O2 x 10,000 = 960 uL O2/L

Step 2) convert ÁL O2/L to Ámole O2/L

960 uL O2/L / [(273+23)/273) x 22.423] = 39.6 Ámole O2/L

Step 3) multiply by the volume of the leaf chamber. As you see, the value from the previous calculation is umole/L; however, the volume of the leaf chamber is less than a liter (0.47 L, to be precise).

39.6 Ámole O2/L x 0.047 L = 1.86 Ámole O2 in the chamber

What is the final step of the calculation?

A. divide by the area of the leaf

B. multiply by two

C. add the leaf area to Ámole O2

D. divide buy the light saturation point


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