Step 2 of the rate calculation

What are the steps in calculating the photosynthetic rate (umole O2 / m2 / min) for a leaf that with an area of 0.0025 m2 and a O2 evolution rate of 0.096 %O2 / min?

Step 1) convert %O2 to uL O2/L

096 %O2 x 10,000 = 960 uL O2/L

Step 2) convert ÁL O2/L to Ámole O2/L. In this step the volume of O2 is converted into a molar value.

960 uL O2/L / [(273+23)/273) x 22.423] = 39.6 Ámole O2/L

What is the next step in the calculation?

A. multiply Ámole O2/L by the volume of the leaf chamber

B. divide Ámole O2/L by the leaf area

C. multiply Ámole O2/L by 10,000

D. Divide Ámole O2/L by the temperature of the room


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