This laboratory exercise was developed with funding provided by a NSF Instrumentation and laboratory Improvement (ILI) grant. The purpose of this guide is to help you interpret the results of the photosynthesis lab exercise and understand relationships to underlying processes of photosynthesis. This guide includes sample data, questions, and explanations that link experimental results to inferences about photosynthetic processes. There are also brief reviews of various related concepts (such as molarity). While some topics overlap, this document is not intended to substitute for a thorough reading of Chapter 19 of the text book.

There are three sections to this study guide. The first leads you through the creation of an photosynthesis light response curve and its interpretation. The second section examines some of the environmental and physiological factors that affect the photosynthetic process and thus the appearance of the response curve. The final section consists of review questions to help assess how well you have learned the material.


Part I. How to produce and interpret a photosynthesis light response curve. Begin here

To review individual topics covered in Part I, click here.

Part 2. How do different factors affect the photosynthetic rate? Begin here

To review individual topic included in Part II, click here.

Review Questions. Click here

Answers to review questions will be collected at the beginning of the second photosynthesis exercise period.


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