Review for Part II

These are the individual topics covered in Part II of the Photosynthesis Study Guide

1. How do the light response curves of C3 Vs C4 plants differ?

2. How does photosynthesis differ between 'sun' and 'shade' plants or leaves?

3. How does stomata closure affect photosynthesis?

3a. How would an O2 evolution curve appear if the stomata of a leaf began to close during an experiment?

4. How would warming of the leaf chamber affect the O2 evolution curve?

(For biology majors)5. Why do we prefer units of "irradiance" to "intensity" when measuring photosynthesis?

(For biology majors) 5a. Why is the design of the photosynthesis apparatus not ideal for comparing irradiance levels of two different types of leaves?

6. A brief review of C4 photosynthesis.

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