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Powerpoint Slides Homework Assignments Animations
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Ecology - Chapters 57-58 Art of Deception Assignment  
Evolution - Chapters 20,21,22 Evolution Assignment 1
Evolution Assignment 2
Evolution Assignment 3
Genetic Drift (see and read about marble example)
Cell Division - Chapter 10 & 11 Mitosis & Meiosis Assignment McGraw-Hill mitosis
Animal cell mitosis
Plant cell mitosis
Mitosis waltz Mitosis & Meiosis Assignment Meiosis
McGraw-Hill meiosis
McGraw-Hill unique features of meiosis

McGraw-Hill chromosome sorting

NOVA Mitosis vs Meiosis
Mitosis Square Dance
Heredity - Chapter 12 & 13

Monohybrid Cross Assignment

Dihybrid Cross Assignment

NonMendelian Cross Assignment

Supplemental  Heredity Questions

Supplemental  Heredity Questions-Key


Sickle-cell anemia
Mendel Genetics Song
Human Reproduction - Chapter 53