Time Scales

234 'Timely' Expressions

- Relatively Speaking

by Steven Spilatro


Play for time, pressed for time, race against time, crunch time;

Time is money, buying time, time invested, time well spent;

Time for action, time for a change, time is near, high time;

Beginning of time, first time, last time, time without end;

Ahead of time, betimes, present time, behind the times;

Time traveler, time capsule, time machine, time-tunnel;

Ripple in time, wrinkle in time, time-stretch, time warp;

No time to lose, time rushes by, time waits for no one;

Time management, well-timed, time-saver, make time;

Opening time, company time, closing time, overtime;

Time bandits, serving time, doing time, time release;

Oftentimes, many a time, every time, all the time;

Quality time, good times, springtime, peacetime;

Time trials, game time, keep time, record time;

Two-timing, time and time again, double time;

Time span, time limit, time zone, time frame;

Time cycles, wheel of time, next time 'round;

Time-slot, empty time, dreamtime, real time;

About time, matter of time, question of time;

Mealtime, lunchtime, chowtime, dinnertime;

Sign of the times, modern times, NY Times;

Playtime, free time, personal time, flextime;

Downtime, quiet time, break-time, pastime;

Lead time, lag time, time lock, time lapse;

Time-honored, time-hallowed, time heals;

Small-time, big-time, air time, primetime;

Timekeeper, timer, time unit, timepiece;

Time of, time was, foretime, times past;

Time interval, time period, time scale;

Untimely: maritime, optime, septime;

Timed, timing, timely, timeless;

Since time immemorial;

Daytime, nighttime;

Until the end of time;

Time share, on borrowed time;

Call time, timeout, time stands still;

On time, time off, in time, out of time;

Father time, geologic time, old Tyme;

Times-sign, multiple times, times table;

Now's the time, it's time, the time is ripe;

Sometime, each time, next time, anytime;

At times, the same time, the appointed time;

Place in time, moment in time, stitch in time;

My time, your time, meeting time, face time;

Wrong time, lost time, time killer, dead time;

Time-stamp, time-card, time sheet, timetable;

Part-time, half-time, full-time, time and a half;

Nick of time, just in time, in no time, due time;

Fast times, Quicktime ©, time flies, bullet time;

Time of your life, whale of a time, best of times;

Hard time, bad times, devil of a time, time bomb;

Marked time, filled time, passed time, killed time;

Time signature, beat time, common time, ragtime;

Timeline, circle of time, Times Square, space-time;

For a time, meantime, with the times, in good time;

The whole time, fullness of time, of all time, lifetime;

Test of time, the ravages of time, time worn, wartime;

Time-consuming, time delay, wasted time, time drain;

Short on time, little time, hardly the time, time is short;

One-time, once upon a time, at one time, one at a time;

Time to come, transit time, time marches on, time is up;

Take your time, bide your time, in your own sweet time;

Nine times out of ten, third time's a charm, only time will tell;

Time and tide, the arrow of time, hands of time, sands of time;

Extra time, time enough, time on your hands, time on your side.