Ohio's Endangered Species of Odonata

(from 2002 Ohio Listing)


  1. Argia bipunctulata (Seepage Dancer):  Champaign , Clark , Greene Co.    (Stark; Montgomery = photo only)

  2. Aeshna canadensis ( Canada Darner):  Defiance , Williams Co. (Defiance & Lucas)

  3. Aeshna clepsydra (Mottled Darner):  (Lorain, Williams Co.;  Last = 1950)

  4. Cordulia shurtleffii (American Emerald):  Portage Co. (Geauga)

  5. Dorocordula libera (Racket-tailed Emerald):  Summit Co. (Geauga)

  6. Gomphus externus (Plains Clubtail):  Paulding, Pickaway Co.

  7. Helocordulia uhleri (Uhlerís Sundragon):  Adams , Hocking, Ross Co.

  8. Ischnura kellicotti (Lilypad Forktail):  Williams Co.

  9. Ladona deplanata (Blue Corporal):  Butler , Warren, Vinton Co.
  10. Ladona julia (Chalk-fronted Corporal):  Summit , Williams Co. ( Portage )

  11. Leucorrhinia frigida (Frosted Whiteface):  Portage Co. (Geauga)

  12. Libellula flavida (Yellow-sided Skimmer):  Pike Co.

  13. Nannothemis bella (Elfin Skimmer):  Champaign , Summit Co. ( Miami )

  14. *1 Somatochlora hineana (Hines Emerald):  (Logan, Lucas, Williams Co.; Last = 1961)

  15. Somatochlora walshii (Brush-tipped Emerald): Ashtabula , Portage Co.  


                    Ohio Threatened Dragonflies and Damselflies

  1. Calopteryx aequabilis (River Jewelwing):  Geauga, Portage , Williams Co.    ( Franklin ?, Fairfield ?, Summit )

  2. Ophiogomphus carolus (Riffle Snaketail):  Columbiana, Geauga, Jefferson , Lake Co.      (Cuyahoga = Photo only)


                   Ohio Species of Special Concern

  1. Cordulegaster erronea (Tiger Spiketail): Adams, Ashland, Belmont, Fairfield, Hocking, Licking, Richland, Ross Co. ( Lake = Photo only)


Federal Species of Concern in Ohio , May 2, 2005  

  1. Gomphus notatus (Elusive Clubtail):  Adams , Coshocton, Gallia , Hamilton , Lawrence , Meigs,  Pike, Tuscarawas, Washington, Williams Co.

  2. *2 Macromia wabashensis ( Wabash Belted Skimmer):  Defiance , Logan , Montgomery, Morgan,  Paulding, Putnam, Stark Co.


*1  Federally Endangered (but not currently listed from Ohio as last seen in 1961)

*2  Species status is in question.  Many experts (but not all) consider this a hybrid between   M. pacifica and M. taeniolata.





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