Dragonfly Society of the Americas Meeting

Lewisburg, West Virginia

June, 2002


All photos by Jennifer Wykle or WVDNR unless otherwise indicated.

As usual, the meeting centered in the hotel parking lot.  One of these years we have to spring for a room!

Left:  Jennifer Wykle, organizer of the meeting, gives directions to local collecting sites.  Erik Pilgrim, foreground, is paying close attention.

Right:  Erik is lost already....


If Dennis calls Ischnura 5 then Nick has a Bingo!



Well, we did have a room for the presentations Saturday night.  Above, Dennis Paulson models his new Neurocordulia - hunting shoes.

Clockwise from above left:  
Duncan Cuyler (on the left), NC and Steve Roble, VA (with Dan Bogar, PA in the background.  
Jeff Hajenga of the WVDNR (thanks for helping out with the field trips, Jeff!)  and Laura Miller of the  WV Entomological Society).

Below: Collecting on the Greenbrier River @ Anthony Creek - Photos by McShaffrey


Gomphus vastus

Click here for an animation of how this shot was taken.


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