Hymn Resources on the Internet

Compiled and Maintained by Douglas Anderson
last updated 30 Dec 2008

Hymn-related Blogs

Favorite Hymns Blog
A blog site, with devotionals on life, inspired by some favorite Christian hymns.

A blog by Christopher Alexander. [site not accessible on 30 December 2008]

The Hymnist
"A Celebration of Hymns: writers, texts, tunes and their impact on the lives of men and women of faith." Not updated since February 2006?

Hymnography Unbound
A blog by Ephrem "Music Director at a prayerful, happy parish in Northern Virginia."

indeliblog: Musings on Hymns and Other Things
A blog by Kevin Twit

A blog by Kristen Moore. "Sometimes a line from a hymn has the uncanny ability to know your heart better than you do. It may be convicting, encouraging, or both. Most blog posts will focus on those such lines." Also includes a Hymn of the Month monthly email newsletter.

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