Matt Menzel's Home Page

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science   Marietta College

215 Fifth Street

Marietta, OH 45750


Office:  232-E Selby Hall
Office Phone #:  (740) 376-4817




Current Courses (Fall 2011):


Math 125 (Calculus I)

Math 235 (Advanced Engineering Mathematics)

Math 302 (Differential Equations)



Past Courses Taught at Marietta College:


Math 080 (Intermediate Algebra)

Math 118 (Excursions in Mathematics)

Math 121 (Precalculus)

Math 123 (Practical Statistics)

Math 125 (Calculus I)

Math 194 (Problem Solving)

Math 224 (Calculus II)

Math 225 (Calculus III)

Math 235 (Advanced Engineering Mathematics)

Math 301 (Foundations of Mathematics)

Math 302 (Differential Equations)

Math 350 (Graph Theory)

Math 451 (Advanced Calculus)




Degrees Earned:

    B.A.  Coe College (May 1998)
    M.A.  University of Kentucky (May 2000)
    Ph.D. University of Kentucky (May 2004)

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Courses Taught at the University of Kentucky:

    A&S 100 - Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
    MA 108R - Intermediate Algebra
    MA 109 - College Algebra
    MA 110 - Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry
    MA 113 - Calculus I   (Both led recitations and was primary instructor)
    MA 114 - Calculus II  (Both led recitations and was primary instructor)
    MA 123 - Elementary Calculus and Its Applications (Web-Based Course)
    MA 162 - Finite Mathematics
MA 193 - MathExcel for Calculus I
    MA 213 - Calculus III 
    MA 322 - Matrix Algebra and Its Applications

Professional Information:

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