Giant Radar Frog

O.K.  I bought a "giant radar frog" over a year ago.  Before it was cool.  Before Dave Barry wrote about it, and before President Clinton was seen climbing onto Marine One with one.  He even waved to the press with it.  I use mine to guard my office door.  Sometimes I'll get so engrossed with the computer that I'll look up and be scared silly when I find someone standing quietly in front of me.  No more, not with the giant radar frog to guard my door.  One word of warning, however:  As delivered from the factory, the thing is just too darn loud to use as a gentle greeter.  Since mine is hanging on the wall at ear height, I was worrying about causing ear damage.  This was quickly fixed with an trimmer pot from Radio Shack.  If you don't know what that means, you probably aren't qualified to operate on your frog.  If you do know what it means, just install it in the speaker leads.  You can then adjust the volume of the ribbets.  You do have to pry the black box  out and then cut it open, but with a little epoxy things heal up nicely and the frog will be back to normal in a few minutes.  Also for the technically minded, the "radar" is actually a light sensor.  It's not an infrared motion detector, which means that changes in light intensity set it off.  On a day when there are lots of moving, white, puffy clouds in the sky, the frog gets a workout.  The batteries (2 AA) have lasted about 9 months now.

Dave Barry's Article: