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Art Morris is an excellent bird photographer, and a gifted writer and speaker as well.  He taught elementary school for years, so his explanations tend to be simple and clear.  His web site has a lot of information.
Bob Atkin's Photography Lots of links and data, particularly on Canon cameras.





These are some of the main camera manufacturers' web sites for more propaganda information on their products.  Seriously, if you need specs, features, product brochures or even replacement manuals, this is the place to go.
B & H Photo "Mail" Order can be an inexpensive way to purchase camera equipment.  It can also be a nightmare.  B & H has an extensive inventory and a pretty good record of doing right by their customers.
Underwater Photography This site has extensive information on using the Nikonos V system underwater.
Light Expressions
Nature Photography Links  Web site with links to online galleries, equipment sources and reviews, magazines and organizations.
Nature Photography.Net "An online magazine dedicated to nature and wildlife photography."  This site has articles, reviews, a gallery, and links.  You can submit your own pictures to be published.