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The HP OfficeJet 2000c printer is used for printing color graphics. It is located in the Bartlett Computer Lab and can be found on the network as BartQ2.  While this printer is not the best choice to print photographs, it does an adequate job.  If you need to print both text and pictures on one page, this is the printer to use.  If you are writing a paper which needs color graphics on some pages (but not all), print the color pages on this printer and the rest on the Laserjet printer next to it.  Basic instructions for using this printer are found below. It is assumed that for most printing to this computer you will be printing from Microsoft Word.  If you will be printing from Adobe Photoshop, see the instructions for Photoshop.  Please do not print downloads from the web on this printer, even if they are in color.  Only print assignments that are to be turned in.

Using the Color Printer:

A note on expenses. Paper is relatively cheap, costing about 2 or 3 cents per sheet. On our LaserWriter, the toner adds another cent or two to the price, making a page on the black and white LaserWriter cost about 5 cents. The ink for the color printer is much more expensive. It costs about 50 cents per page to print in color. If you want transparencies, a special type of transparency is required; these cost about 50 cents each. Therefore, making color transparencies can easily cost $1 per page.

Needless to say, at these prices you should think carefully about how much you really need the color. To insure that the printer is not misused or damaged, the paper tray may be locked up, and you will have to get a faculty member to get out the tray for you. The faculty member will ask you what you are printing, and why. For in-class presentations, the instructor may permit you to make a few overheads with the department paying for them. For more extensive jobs, you will be asked to reimburse the department through Mrs. Dunn.

If you do use the printer, take a common sense approach to preparing your graphics.

Do not use a colored background - it doesn't print well and it's very expensive.
Keep graphics relatively small - the overhead projectors are notorious for distorting things at the edges of the screen.
Another reason for keeping things small is to reduce memory demands on the printer. If you get a partially printed sheet, or an out-of-memory error, reduce the size of your graphics.
Before printing in color, make a black-and-white copy on the LaserWriter, and make a transparency in the Biology office on the copy machine. Check it on the overhead to be sure the font sizes are big enough and that everything is in focus. Only print in color when you have things right.
If a page doesn't have to be in color, print it on the LaserWriter and make a transparency on the office copier. You can use marking pens to highlight items on a black-and-white graphic.
Avoid very light colors such as yellow.

To use the color printer:

Obtain the paper tray and any transparencies you need from a faculty member.
Insert the paper tray.
Plug the printer in and be sure it is turned on.
It takes 10-15 minutes for the printer to warm up. Do not attempt to print until the ready light is lit steadily.
Use the File:Print Menu (important - do not click on any "Printer" icons).
From the application's print box choose the HP Color Printer
Click OK - the printer will begin to print. It takes up to 1-2 minutes per page to print.
When you are done with the printer, turn the printer off with the off-on button on the front panel. Press the button once. The lights will begin to flash, and the printer will begin a 1-2 minute shutdown cycle.
When all lights are off, unplug the printer. Be sure not to unplug any other devices.
It is vitally important that you reboot the computer after printing to the color printer. Re-enter the application you printed from, and open a file. Use the File:Print menu to open the print box and be sure the normal printer - the HP LaserJet 4000 - is selected. If the HP Color Printer is still selected, contact Dr. McShaffrey immediately.

If you get a paper jam:

See Dr. McShaffrey or another faculty member. Never attempt to clear jams by yourself. You can cause hundreds of dollars of damage if you aren't careful.

  If the printer is low on ink:

See Dr. McShaffrey.

 If the Printer is out of paper:

Additional paper is usually stored in the drawers under the printer. If there is none there, see Mrs. Dunn in the main office on the first floor.