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Flatbed scanners can be used to scan in material from books, sure, but there are other uses as well.  Three dimensional objects can be scanned to some degree, and some flatbed scanners do a reasonable job of scanning slides and negatives as well.
There are a number of scanners available in the department for your use.  This page will link you to the instructions for 3 of them.

HP ScanJet - Computer Lab

Relisys 2412 - Graphics Lab

Agfa Arcus II - Research Lab

Before using any scanner, you should be sure the glass is clean.  First, blow off any loose dust.  For smudges or other marks, use Kimwipes, not paper towels along with window or lens cleaner to gently remove the marks.  Do not place anything on the scanners that will scratch or stain the glass.  This includes white-out, wire-bound spiral notebooks, rocks, etc.