Canon EOS 20D

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The Canon EOS 20D is a fourth-generation digital camera in the EOS line.  It has 8.3 megapixels on a CMOS chip. This chip type, which is different from the CCD chip found in most digital cameras, has particularly low noise in its output.  The 20D uses most of the lenses and accessories from the EOS line.  It also uses Compact Flash cards.  It has several improvements over the 10D, which it replaced.  The autofocus is almost as fast as cameras like the EOS 3.  It can use new EF-S lenses, like the 10-22mm lens pictured here.  The EF-S lenses are designed for digital cameras and their smaller imaging chips; this one gives a 16-35mm equivalent focal range (to the 35mm world) and for the first time gives digital SLR users a true wide-angle capability for cameras with less than full 35mm size imaging sensors (which cost about $8K).

The basic operation of the camera - at least in terms of exposure - is very similar to the EOS-3 and other film EOS Cameras by Canon.  An overview of these controls is found on the film camera page.

Digital cameras have become almost a commodity and their introduction and spread has been chronicled in real-time on the web.  One of the best places to get information on most digital cameras is the site DPREVIEWS.COM.  This site gets the latest cameras (often before they are released), reviews them thoroughly, shows you all the controls and features, gives you example images, and compares the camera to its closest competitors.  I highly recommend viewing it.  Also, the camera manufacturers routinely place product manuals online. 

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