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I learned several things about buying photo equipment over the years.  The most important was that it requires a lot of money, so it's better to do it when you have a job.  Still, I managed to put together a decent package of equipment when I was in college and grad school.  For what it's worth, here is my advice on what to buy and when.  Prices and models are for the year 2000.  I am describing Canon equipment for the most part only because I know it better; you wouldn't go wrong with equivalent equipment from Nikon, Pentax, Minolta or any other major manufacturer.

Year 1 - College Junior

EOS Rebel 2000 camera $270 Comments:  A bit ambitious on price for the first year (make Christmas and your birthday count!) this is a good basic outfit that you can build on.
28-80mm zoom lens $110
75-300mm zoom lens $185
Tripod $50
Holster Case $50
Camera Bag $50




      Second Year - College Senior
100mm  macro lens $600 Comments:  Not much for the second year, but this lens will be your workhorse. You might want to get the USM model for about $150 more if you can swing it.
lens case to fit on belt $40




Third Year - Graduate School
380EX Flash $180 Comments: Time to step up from the on-camera flash.  The extension tubes, filter and extender will give new life to those 2 lenses in your bag.
Off-camera Flash Cord $50
Extension Tubes $100
Circular Polarizer Filter $50
1.4x Extender $390





  Fourth Year: Graduate School
Vivitar 19-35mm lens $150 Comments:  Time to get serious about macro.  The Vivitar lens can't be beat for the price.
ML-3 Macro Ring Light $270
Benbo Tripod $207
Kaiser Ball Head $70
Camera Case $100
Total: $797


Fifth Year: Graduate School
Nikonos V Camera  $700 Comments: Time to get wet and get an all-weather camera.
35mm lens $440
Pelican Case $110



Future Years:  If you're still in grad school, take it easy; if you have a job, be more ambitious.  At this point your camera is a bit tired; you might want to look at a better model.  A good telephoto lens would also be a good buy, as would flash and extension equipment for the Nikonos.  Two last thoughts - you will never run out of things to buy, and everything will go digital and your whole setup will be worth $100 at a garage sale or on ebay.