Box Turtle Observation Project - Terry

Terry. We've had her the longest. My wife and I found her on the way back from church on Sunday, July 11, 1993. She had been "tiddlywinked" by a passing car which caught the edge of her shell and flipped her over. She was in full sun and had stopped trying to right herself. She was in grave danger of overheating. We took her home and put her in a shallow tub of cool water, and she came back over a few days. She is quiet and reserved. An expert hunter, she can calculate an intercept course for a cricket and anticipate its moves. She laid two eggs last year; Gauchere ate one and the other didn't hatch. We just discovered another egg in the summer garden that might be hers (it didn't hatch, either). She has been seen mating with Linus and with Gauchere, but not often. She likes to watch TV through the patio doors and is grateful that we replaced a 9" BW TV with a 32" color one. She prefers CNN but refused to watch the Simpson trial.

Terry's Picture

As you can see from the close-up,  Terry has fairly red eyes.  Not bright red, like a male box turtles, but red enough to make one cautious about using this characteristic to sex box turtles.  In other characteristics (flat plastron, slender tail, fairly straight hind claws, little flare to rear of the shell) Terry is a fairly typical female box turtle.

Carol Karl Linus Linda Terry

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