Box Turtle Observation Project - Linus

This is Linus. He is the biggest and boldest of the turtles. I picked him up from the middle of the double-yellow line on SR 260 on a cold May afternoon in 1994. He was in his shell, the one and only time I've seen him closed up. He loves to soak, and I think I know why. He has figured out that the females must eventually come to the water. I have seen him mating with Carol (for over 9 hours, once) and with Terry. He ignores Karl and Linda. When Gauchere was around, Linus was submissive to him, even though Linus was physically larger. Linus has bright yellow markings and a strongly flared shell.

Linus' Picture

Update (August, 1996)  Linus did not get along well with Naraht at first.  They immediately began to fight, and, early on. Linus managed to get Naraht to close up in virtually all of these encounters.  After a few days, they would ignore each other, and a few days after that, I found Naraht forcing Linus into his shell.

Carol Karl Linus Linda Terry

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