Box Turtle Observation Project - Karl

Karl is very shy. The smaller of the two males, he is the least dominant and was really terrorized by Gauchere, who seemed to think Karl was a female. That was the main reason Gauchere was released. Karl's eyes are a brownish-red; the tail characters are indeterminate, but his plastron is deeply concave (indicating he is male). Still, Gauchere might be right and Karl may actually be Karla. Karl was found on a rain-soaked road on October 17, 1993. He was found a mile from where we found Terry, this time on the way to church. The area seemed pretty developed and it was a cold, raw day. He got along well with Terry for a day; on Monday a student brought in Gauchere and Karl really retreated. After a summer without Gauchere picking on him, he is beginning to reassert himself again, although he always defers to Linus (he avoids him). Karl seems to be the most independent; if the other four are holed up in the ivy, Karl is on the other side of the patio. Karl makes a strange sound when he bites down on banana.

Karl's Picture

Karl was released to a wildlife sanctuary in May, 1997.

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