Box Turtle Observation Project - Eric


Eric was wandering into traffic on September 9, 1997, in the aftermath of hurricane Fran.  The warm, windy, wet day was a good day to migrate, and Eric was about to try his luck.  I found him and another, unnamed turtle near the 57 mile marker on Interstate 77 in Tuscarawas County, near Salt Fork lake.  Eric is quite a traveler, moving through the greenhouse on a regular basis.  His name is taken from the name of the actor who portrayed the "Traveler", an alien species from Star Trek, the Next Generation.  Eric's new task in life will be to investigate our rooftop greenhouse as a possible living site for turtles over the winter.  He will be joined in this task by Naraht, who keeps climbing out of any barrier I can erect.  I will keep a close watch on them, and, if they stop eating or otherwise look unhealthy, I will bring them downstairs with the rest of the gang.  Since I will have so many male turtles this winter (Linus, Karl, Naraht, Eric), I will propbably have to rotate them through the greenhouse if the latter proves unsuitable for long-term habitation.  Otherwise, I'm worried they will fight in the smaller enclosure in my office.

The other turtle found with Eric was released on October 5, 1996 at the "nature preserve" run by Bill Thompson and Julie Zickefoose. Eric was released in early May at an undisclosed location in Washington County

Eric - Released 5/97 in Washington County.

Carol Karl Linus Linda Terry

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