Box Turtle Observation Project - Carol

Carol - very feisty. Her shell shows some hard knocks. I came upon her wandering in the middle of a large asphalt parking lot. Hot summer sun in June of 1994 would have probably overheated her before she could have reached the nearest shade - if the morning shoppers didn't get her first. The fringe of a cemetery (lawnmowers) on the edge of a shopping center didn't seem to be a good place, so she joined our group. She stands up to the other turtles, even Gauchere (before he was released to the wild). Carol laid an egg on October 2, 1995 which I now have in incubation (it did not hatch). I don't think its fertile, although I have seen Carol mating on numerous occasions with Linus and Gauchere. Carol has the most varied diet of the turtles; at least she eats the most tomatoes.

Carol's Picture

Carol Karl Linus Linda Terry

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