Artificial Stream Research

Results: 1 pump, variable channel, 4-5 cm zone. Combined Data

There was a significant difference (Student t-test) in current speeds at each of the three locations in the angled stream configuration.

Results: Predicted current speeds

With a 5cm wide by 10cm deep channel, current speed with one pump was 0.25 m/s. Flow = depth x width x speed, or 1.25 l/s.

Since Velocity = flow x depth-1 x width-1, it is possible to calculate current velocity for other combinations of depths and widths:

Results - 2 pumps, 3cm channel width

Adding a second pump does increase current speed significantly. With the channel width set to 3 cm (about the smallest practical width) mean current velocity was 0.508 .008 m/s.

Results: Temperature Stability

Submersible pumps may add substantial heat to the water. This stream showed excellent temperature stability; temperatures in-stream were within 1o C of still water at room temperature. When ice was added to the inner aquarium, the stream temperature took over 14 hrs to return to room temperature.

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