Pachyderm Web

Photo Info & Permissions 

Pachyderm Web is an outgrowth of the Pachyderm Program, written by Dave McShaffrey.  All images copyrighted by Dave McShaffrey, Tanya Jarrell and Steve Spilatro. The original Pachyderm software was supported by NSF Grant DUE- 9750553, and development of Pachyderm Web was supported by a TIG grant from Marietta College in turn supported by a US Department of Education Title III grant.

Images used in this program were taken in a variety of ways.  The bulk of them were taken by Dave McShaffrey from living or preserved specimens.  Additional photos were taken by Tanya Jarrell and some were taken by Steve Spilatro.  Most of the images were taken using slide film subsequently scanned into the computer.  More recently, we have been using  Sony Mavica, Nikon Coolpix 4500 and Canon D60 digital cameras, as well as SPOT digital instrument cameras to record images.  More on our photographic capabilities can be found at:

The Pachyderm Web system is intended for the use of Marietta College students.  It is provided on the web as a public service to others and supported by Marietta College, a private, non-sectarian institute of higher learning in Marietta, Ohio.

Educators who want to use these images or link to this site are welcome to do so.  We would appreciate it if your link would indicate that the pages reside at Marietta College.  Others who would like to use the images for commercial purposes should contact Dave McShaffrey for permission.  We have high-resolution versions of most of these images available (i.e. 3072 x 2048 pixels for some of the digital images, original slides, etc.).  Depending on the proposed use we would be willing to give permission for acknowledgement or for a modest donation to the college.

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