Ben Smith

1 Ben Smith, D

Height: 5'11"

Weight 205

From: PA best state in the country

High School: Greensburg Salem

Major: Art

Playing Experience: Unknown

Quote: "We take shots 'til we score."


3 Drew Fish, M

Hometown: Eighty Four Pennsylvania

High School: Trinity High School, Washington Pennsylvania, Class 2001

Major: Petroleum Engineering + Marketing

Minor: Advertising and Public Relations

Certificates: Leadership Studies

Colin Halloran

4 Colin Halloran, M/A

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Long Valley

Major: Sports Medicine

Joe Ropp

5 Joe Ropp, A


Chris Blauvelt

6 Chris Blauvelt, G

Kileen Lehman

7 Kileen Lehman, M/A


Scott Kepins

9 Scott Kepins, LSM

I played lacrosse in high school for Franklin regional, I was a long stick middie there. I came to Marietta and played last year as long stick. I am currently a sophomore in the sports medicine program. I like to sleep.

Adam Fleming

11 Adam Fleming, M


Steven Hagenau

13 Steven Hagenau, D

Steve is a sophomore here at Marietta. He is a two-year varsity letterman with the soccer team as the starting goalie. While he has never officially played lacrosse before, he is very willing to learn and make a big impact. While in school, he maintains a 3.2+ GPA as an Athletic Training and Pre-Med major.


John Slinkard

15 John Slinkard, M


Cory Bush

18 Cory Bush, D/LSM

Hometown: Greensburg, Pennsylvania

High School: Greensburg Salem

I am thrilled for what the upcoming season has in store with all the new talent, up grades, and additions we have made to the club. Also just to let everyone know we have the most dedicated, hansom, and most knowledgeable man as our coach.

Sean Callihan

20 Sean Callihan, M/A

Hometown: Byrn Mawr PA

High School: Radnor

Major: Marketing

Played Varsity football for Marietta, in high school he played football and baseball, Parks and Rec Basketball and Lacrosse.

Vlad Grecu

24 Vlad Grecu, D


Jakob Loukas

27 Jakob Loukas, D


Chris Gardiner

33 Chris Gardiner, M

I grew up in the Washington suburbs. I went to Gonzaga High School in DC. I'm now a sophomore at Marietta, where I am majoring in petroleum engineering.

This is my first year playing lacrosse and I will be playing midfield.

Glenn McConnell

34 Glen McConnell, A

High School: Westerville South

Major: Petroleum Engineering

I went to Westerville South High School where our graduating class of lacrosse players brought the team from Division III to Division I in our four years of competition. I am intensely devoted to the sport, love everything about it, and I can't find enough people to talk about it with.

Grant Deken

50 Grant Deken, M/A

Height: 5'11"

Weight 205

From: PA best state in the country High school: Greensburg Salem Major: art Interest: unknown Playing experience: unknown Quote: we take shots till we score

Grant Deken

59 Zach Zimmer, M

My name is Zach Zimmer and I am a petroleum engineering major in my junior year at Marietta College. I have played lacrosse at Marietta for one year and don't have any experience with lacrosse prior to that. I am from Marietta originally and lived on a farm. I hope any one reading will donate money to our club we could really use it, and it might even help even the worst lacrosse player (me) become a better player.

Keegan Haid

69 Keegan Haid, M

Chris Kowatch

72 Chris Kowatch

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 260

Hometwon: Latrobe, PA

I enjoy a nice movie and being outside. I love to play any sport there is and I am very competitive.

Iím a big Steelers fan and love to watch UNC basketball.

Matt Englert

Coach Matt Englert