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May 3, 2007

Bus station not safe on campus
Will Kauff
With the year coming to an end I tried to think of one last thing on campus that I wanted to bring to campus and make people really think about. That final thing for me is connected to the safety of campus: the question of why we need a bus station on campus. I have worked in both the greyhound station and the Gathering Place (which is connected to the bus station) and at times it can be very scary because of the types of people that ride the bus.

Letter to the Editor:
Safety questioned on MC campus
I just wanted to take this time to let the rest of the campus community know about some things around the college. First of all, I just wanted to talk about the Campus Police and how unwilling they are to help with issues around campus.

Jon Moffett’s Two Cents
Jon Moffett
“Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”
To many people who call the United States home, these words are held sacred. Second only to the Bible (or other similar religious texts), the Bill of Rights lays out the foundation for what it means to be an American. They protect our rights and allow us to live freely without having to worry about oppression or discrimination. Unfortunately for us all, these very freedoms are under attack.

Apr. 19, 2007

A Constructive Kind of Charity
Neil Wilhelm
Unemployment, layoffs, poverty – challenges that Appalachian Americans have faced for decades. The 29 Appalachian counties in southern Ohio are no exception. Even in a picturesque city like Marietta, where summer tourists stroll the petunia-lined sidewalks, struggling households can be found tucked behind historical homes, or congregated in the low-lying fringes of town.

Was Community Baseball Day 2007 the last one?
Mattie Unger
Some of you may have heard through the grapevine that there is a possibility that the mass media class Sports Promotion may be cancelled in the following year. This course is responsible for organizing the Annual Community Baseball Day and this year’s first Community Softball Day.

Comedian focuses on being fat and funny
Will Kauff
Fatty. Big Boy. Hard to kidnap. Whatever they are called, people who are overweight definitely don’t have it easy in life. Whether it’s the name calling, issues with store clerks, dating and relationships, or the many health issues they face in their lives, people who are larger have to fight to find their place in society.

Phil in the blank
Philip Lemaster
Whoa, now I know how Larry Birkhead feels. His eternal wait for Dannielynn’s paternity results matched my anticipation for Saturday’s A and H formal.

Saturday was full of fun surprises, and A-Listers were in full force. Having been excited for the formal, I decided to clean up in case some paparazzi showed up to snap pictures of Ms. Spears, Ms. Lohan, or me.

Apr. 5, 2007

Doo Dah Day a day for all students to enjoy

Will Kauff
Doo Dah Day.
Three words provide relief for pretty much every Marietta College student, with the exception of a few who will decide not to partake in the day’s events. I, for one, have and always will be joining in with the fun that is Doo Dah Day.

Jon Moffett’s Two Cents
Jon Moffett
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…welcome. Welcome to the debut of my new column. I hope that readers of the now defunct Captain’s Log will find refuge in these words as well.

Letter to the editor:
Restaurant owner urges students to give them a try

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to an article published in the March 22 issue of your paper, “River City Tavern is not very much to write home about.” I feel that this article was written in poor taste and is unfair to my establishment, one which prides itself on customer satisfaction.

Letter to the editor:
English spoken by majority of immigrants

Jon Moffett’s “Captain’s Log: Farewell” in the March 22, 2007 Marcolian states that: (1) Rite Aid has packaging in French, (2) Moffett did not like French in high school, and therefore, (3) foreigners in the US are “freeloaders” who are not learning English.

Phil in the blank
Philip Lemaster
Recently, I’ve noticed the term “frenemy” used quite frequently in the celebrity gossip arena. For those unfamiliar with the newly coined word, a frenemy is a combination of a friend and an enemy, a friend on the surface who eagerly waits to stab you in the back. Like a rabid dog, frenemies may look nice from a distance, but they will attack within a second though and usually have white foam dripping from their lips. Think Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

The value of a liberal arts education
Erin Siebel
Coming to Marietta College as a freshman, I really had no idea what a liberal arts education actually meant. It was just some broad, fancy term that I knew meant I wasn’t attending a state school. But beyond that, I really didn’t know what I was getting into. Now, on the verge of graduation from our beloved school, I think I’ve finally realized what it means to get a liberal arts education.

Mar. 22, 2007


Why doesn't this campus recycle?
Lindsay Blazek, Dana Donchess, Ellen Doolittle, Mattie Unger

Where are the recycle bins on Marietta College’s campus? There are numerous trashcans on campus; two to three in a room. But, rarely do you see a recycle bin.

Captain's Log: A Farewell
Jon Moffett

Before I begin my usual ranting, I must make an announcement to all of my avid readers.  After a lot of thought and debate, I have decided that it is in my best interest to cancel the Captain’s Log column that I’ve been responsible for the past two years.  I feel that the column has run its course and that it’s simply time to move on.

Phil in the Blank
Philip Lemaster

Within the past few months, it seems as if everybody who is anybody has entered rehab. Lindsay Lohan jumpstarted the trend with her month-long stint for an alcohol problem, and soon after, Britney Spears went crazy on the whole world, entering and exiting rehab multiple times before finally deciding to get clean of her substance problems. Even C-Listers like fashion designer Marc Jacobs and nobodies like Mischa Barton’s little sister are jumping on the bandwagon to get a share of the spotlight. Hell, Robbie Williams even checked himself into rehab on his birthday for prescription drug problems. What a birthday present!

College Sponsored New York City trip worth the money
Erin Siebel
Spring break has always been a time for students to venture outside of their little college town and relax somewhere else. But the really difficult aspect of this so-called break is the planning and executing of this excursion. Students will spend weeks researching and planning out a trip that may just fall through in the end when one of your friends decided to bail. But luckily here at Marietta College, things are a little easier for those students who wish to travel on a college-sponsored trip.  In the past few years, Student Activities and the International Office have planned trips to Washington D.C., Orlando, Florida, and this year to New York City. 

College well prepared for emergencies
Will Kauff

Blackout, Transformer, lying around with power while the freshmen froze, or whatever you called it Day is one that I’ll definitely remember when I think about Marietta.  I’ve learned a lot here, and one of the biggest things is that just because of something like a flood or in this case a 2 day blackout that life does go on, and the college does it’s best job to help it move along. 

Mar. 1 , 2007

Could a fever be a cure?
Will Kauff
One of the chief complaints on the Marietta College campus is that there isn’t “anything to do,” and while that may seem true at times, if you look hard enough, it seems there is always something going on. An example of this is Friday Night Fever, which is a new program started by the Office of Student Activities and Greek Life.

Celebrity Obsession: Has the media gone too far?
Will Kauff
First let me clarify something. Someone who believes celebrities are people just like you and me—someone who doesn’t understand the fascination with celebrities—is not writing this article.

Phil in the blank
Philip Lemaster
Whereas most weeknights in Marietta are about as lifeless as Anna Nicole’s corpse, Thursday evenings certainly prove to be much more alive. While this day is celebrated by many college students as the hallowed night of Grey’s Anatomy, many others also consider it the start of the weekend. So, of course, in the interest of investigative journalism, I decided to investigate the sparse yet glamorous attractions our town has to offer, and where else better to start than the Brewery, the most premiere hot spot of them all. As I approached this unbridled den of decadence, I couldn’t help but notice a slew of Marietta’s A-List gathered outside in a red carpet affair. The first student I see, Joe Ropp, confessed that he, too, could be the father of Anna Nicole’s child. Also outside was Sotiria Anagnostou, sporting a hot corduroy jacket fresh from the runway and showing off her stylish new hairdo that would have made even the most experienced of stylists fall to his/her knees in reverence. After getting a glimpse of the celebrities outside, I finally made my way inside the door and let the festivities begin.

Captain’s Log: If I did it...
Jon Moffett
If a tree falls in the woods, but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? If Anna Nicole Smith overdoses on Trimspa and is too stoned to comprehend what’s going on, does anyone feel sorry for her?

2008 Presidential Race:
Do the democrats have what it takes?

Erin Siebel
The political season is sort of like Christmas: people get excited about it way too early, the build-up to the actual event seems to take forever, and when it’s over, everyone is a little disappointed and probably suffers from a stomachache. While it seems as if we just finished one election, the new political season is already underway, and if you haven’t thrown your hat into the presidential run yet, it’s probably too late now.


Feb. 15, 2007

MC should buy the Becky Thatcher
Erin Siebel
Remember that boat where we all used to go on Thursday nights?
Yeah, it’s still there. Docked by the river on Front Street. You can’t really miss it. But don’t think about going on it again. It is closed for business. And what a waste that is.

Diversity disrespected on campus
Kayla Reiland
February 8, you may have been walking through Gilman like any other day--but something was different. That difference was an impromptu demonstration that took place in the Gilman stairwell. The message to convey? Hate exists on this campus and should not be tolerated. It does not matter whether the hate exists because of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. Charles Sumner Harrison and the Rainbow Alliance are just two organizations that work to emphasize diversity on this campus. Both organizations have had problems with disrespectful and ignorant students destroying advertisements this semester.

When bars disobey, we pay
Darlene Kuhen
You are hanging out with your friends on a Friday night and decide to go to the bar for a few drinks – you grab your jacket, IDs, and a few bucks so you can buy a round for everyone as a reward for bearing the cold and making it to the bar. You arrive and show your ID as usual. Once the woman confirms that the picture ID you have presented is indeed you, you walk away. Then it happens – she stops you saying that you must pay one dollar to enter. You ask, “Why?” and the kind woman replies, “We still allow smoking.”

Letter to the editor:
Integrate the mass media program
I read Erin Siebel’s opinion-page piece (“Radio, TV, but no newspaper?”, Feb. 1) with some interest.
As a former Marcolian senior editor (boy, does that sound lofty), I know the reason the paper operates so differently is that it’s chartered as an independent organization, and content control resides with students.

Captain’s Log: Being a good sport
Capt. Jon Moffett
Greetings and salutations to the avid readers of the fine piece of journalistic prowess I like to call my own. Today’s edition will feature something a little different. With all that has been going on in the world of sports recently, I think that it’s only fitting that I shed some light on one issue. There are two names in sports that seem to always find their way in your newspapers, on your editions of SportsCenter, and your casual talk with one another. Those two names: Terrell Owens, and Barry Bonds.

Feb. 1, 2007

One student still wishes for a smoke free Ohio
Smoke Free Ohio.
Wow. What a name.
It evokes an Ohio completely free of cigarette smoke; however, with the ballot that passed, that isn’t the case. It should really be called a little bit less smoke Ohio, but I’ll take what I can get.

Minimum wage raise harmful to everyone
College is a very expensive undertaking. Many people opt out of attending college because they do not feel they will be able to earn money and attend school at the same time, and almost everyone who attends college graduates in debt.

Radio, TV, but no newspaper?

When you major in any area of mass media here at Marietta College, you are required to take a certain number of classes. These range from Intro to Mass Media to Writing for the Media to Broadcast Journalism. Along with the typical coursework for these classes, mass media students are also required to help with the college TV station WCMO and the radio station WMRT every week. For most students, this seems fair and fine, and they probably enjoy it. But to me, something seems missing. And it’s this student publication you’re reading right now.

Nov. 22, 2006

The Man, The Myth, The Marietta College Legend...
This semester has been littered with legendary people moving on from positions we have grown to love them in. A couple of weeks ago, I was devastated to hear that Bob Barker, as of June, would no longer be hosting one of my favorite TV shows, The Price Is Right. Much of the same here at Marietta College. For any mass media student, and probably many students on campus, Professor Mike McNamara is truly a legend, a legend that’s on his “sold out” farewell tour.

Letter to editor: MC Alum reacts to Mac's departure
Bancheri, McNamara….and the list goes on and on.

War of the Words: Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays: Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays. It’s the age-old competition. It can breed a lot of strong opinion on both sides.
Merry Christmas: As America grows more and more frivolous in political correctness, sacred institutions are being attacked, and chief among them is religion.

A letter from the president
I know that this is a very busy time for you. I remember the stresses I felt as a student at this time of the semester, and my great relief when finals were over. Looking back, I also recall moments of study when the threads of courses came together and the big picture emerged, bringing new levels of understanding that made all of the work worthwhile. I wish for each of you such moments, and much success on finals exams and papers. Let me say that I am very sorry that my travels for the College prevent me from participating in the midnight breakfast this year, but I will be thinking of you.

Michael Conte still remembered at MC
It’s been two years since Marietta College student Michael Conte passed away suddenly on his 21st birthday, November 28th, 2004. His class graduated this past May, and most of his closest friends no longer go here. There was no memorial service to commemorate him this year. It seems all that’s left now is his bench and tree outside of Erwin Hall, dedicated in his memory last year.

Captain's Log: It's all Greek to me
I read something the other day. In the last issue of the Marcolian I read Going Greek: Is it really worth it? More specifically, I read the viewpoint of Adam Hintz, who was against Greek life, and I must say, I don’t agree with him. Now, this is in no way an attack on Mr. Hintz, but I’d like to shed some of my light on this.

Nov. 9, 2006

Offbeat co-host speaks
The show OFFBEAT had a lot of hard work put into it. You may have seen us painting the rock, filming "Jessie walking" around campus, or the crew's cars parked outside the mass media building at all hours of the night.

Letter: MC Alum questions DU decision
So the rumors are true...
I understand that in situations where words like "hazing" come up, the college must act as quickly as possible to discipline those involved.

Going Greek: Is it really worth it?

Captain's Log: Giving the Bird
Hello, sports fans, and welcome to yet another exciting edition of The Captainís Log. Iím your host, Jon Moffett. Our top story today, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the worst team in football, the Oakland Raiders, officially making them (the Steelers, that is) the biggest disappointment in football since Brian Bosworth.

Ohio finally turns blue
Ohio has finally turned blue. I feel a little odd even typing that.

Are CUB events worth the money?
Not too long ago, the Marcolian asked some students a question regarding College Union Boardís events: Do you go, and are the events worthwhile? The result was fairly mixed, but most people reported having gone to at least one event or expressed the desire to get out to events more often. But this still begs the question: Are CUB events worth it? Is the student body getting its collective moneyís worth?

Oct. 26, 2006

What has Halloween become?
Imagine it’s late October. Leaves are turning brown, gold, red. The ground is wet with layers of muted fall colors. The air is crisp and scarves are becoming a necessary accessory. As you walk down Fourth Street taking in these sights, three girls cross your path: a French maid, a cheerleader, Marilyn Monroe. And they all look a little bit…different. Their skirts are a little shorter, the outfit a little bit more form-fitting, and everything is just…out there. This is not something you see everyday. So it must be Halloween. And these girls are just dressed in their costumes.

Voting offers involvement, voice
Voting is, without a doubt, the basis of any democratic society. It’s the only method of achieving any sort of consistency in a government; it’s the only way for most people to have a voice. And yet young
people choose not to have that voice. They choose to be quiet. They choose to sit idly by, refuse to even register, and are content in that. Some even enjoy that little bit of rebellion they feel by not being a registered voter. It’s their little “screw you” to society that makes them feel special. But really, what are you
rebelling against? And aren’t you only harming

Captain's Log: The 'Juice' is loose
Greetings and salutations, boys and girls. I’m glad you’ve all tuned in once again to witness me and my leather bringing sexy back.

Oct. 12, 2006

Captain's Log: Pandumbic Day
The weather outside is changing. This means two things: the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is getting cooler. In fact, it's about time to dust off the old leather jacket and bring it out for another year of awesomeness.

Speaking of awesome, on Wednesday, September 27th Marietta College experimented with something that has been coined “Pandemic Day.” They might as well have called this “Free Day” because that's essentially what it was. First and foremost, the reasoning behind this day is simply ridiculous. In the event of a pandemic, we needed to make sure that the school's operating system could handle all of the students getting on-line to take their classes. Now, is it just me, or shouldn't the operating system be able to handle this anyway? Isn't the job of the server to serve us? Next time those two guys break into my room, I'll ask them the status of the servers.

Oct. 3, 2006

They’re changing our Constitution!
Now, before all of you Freedom Fighters strap on your marching boots and grab your “We the People” signs, let me explain. The Student Senate will be revamping the Marietta College Constitution (yes, we have a constitution)!

Captain’s Log: Private “I”
Last Wednesday, one of the most bizarre things happened to me. After a long day's worth of classes, I decided that it was time to head back to the room and get some shut-eye before dinner. No less than 20 minutes after I had lain down, and almost fallen asleep, I heard a knock at my door. Grumbling silently, I decided not to answer; figuring whomever it was would get the impression that I was not in my room and simply go away. Wrong.

April 28, 2006

Letter to the Editor
Alumnus weighs in on immigration

When I sat in Andrews Hall during the days that dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Dr. O'Donnell took great pains to impress upon our half-awake minds how America was born. I will now attempt to cleverly segue to actor Bill Murray in the motion picture "Stripes," who pointed out to his fellow Army recruits that the U.S. was founded by "the wretched refuse"; our ancestors had been kicked out of the finest European countries and put on boats to the "New World."

Captain's Log: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Disclaimer: The following views are solely those of the highly opinionated Jon Moffett and are not necessarily shared by the other staff of the Marcolian. These views are not intended to insult or offend anyone, but are merely intended to spark debate and/or discussion among the student body.

Welcome to the final edition of the Captain's Log for the semester. For seniors, I know you're all very upset that you may never again read another of my pieces, and I apologize for that. For the rest of us, I know the summer will be hard, but we'll make it through somehow. I trust that by now most everyone has found some sort of summer plans, whether they are internships, summer jobs, vacations, mooching off parents, or just being lazy.

U.S. should seek Human Rights Council seat
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.” Rights should be protected by law? Protect rights? What do you think the United States is? A democratic nation? The leader of the free world? Come now, folks, why would a nation founded on the rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” endorse human rights? It's not logical. It's un-American!

Two days at MC... sitting on the ideological fence
Too often, today, ideologues are inclined to listen to whichever sides of an argument they prefer. Conservatives turned out in droves to witness David Horowitz at the podium for the Point of View series; liberals turned out in (admittedly smaller) droves to watch Rick Eckstein counter Horowitz's points. In order to understand both sides a little more clearly, I attended both speeches and tried to listen without bias.

War of the Words: Campus repairs
Like a well-greased lawn mower, every part of Marietta College dutifully performs its task, and the grass gets cut.  Forms and papers go through the bureaucracy and land on the right desk so that everything gets done as it should.  But what happens when the rules are followed too strictly, the paperwork becomes too complicated, and people give way to mechanisms?

April 21, 2006

War of the Words: Immigration
I am a pure blooded American. Even though all three of my names are Greek and my mother’s side is Dutch, that is in no way evidence that my family immigrated...or not.

Captain’s Log: Defending Doo Dah Day
Disclaimer: The following views are solely those of the highly opinionated Jon Moffett and are not necessarily shared by the other staff of the Marcolian. These views are not intended to insult or offend anyone, but are merely intended to spark debate and/or discussion among the student body.

I there’s one thing that I can’t stand, it’s when people talk about things that they just don’t understand. If you read the War of the Words section from the previous issue of the Marcolian, the one about opinions toward Doo Dah Day, you may have noticed that there was one opinion that just didn’t belong. That opinion belonged to the IT department’s very own, Debbie Stodberg.

One day at MC... without an ID card
Food. Shelter.  Warmth. These are the common denominators of human comfort, and they have been from the dawn of time.  From the first, frenzied showdown between man and mammoth, the attempt to acquire creature comforts has defined the human race to such an extent that today, access to the good things in life is granted by one small piece of plastic: the ID card.

“The Student Body Officer Elections: A Mess in Every Direction”

On Friday, April 7, 2006, the last ballot was cast in this year’s controversial Student Body Officer Elections. The elections were set to appoint the successors to the three highest ranking student positions at Marietta College. Unfortunately, the election was far from flawless, and shortly after the ballots were counted an “issue” arose. I sought to find the nature of this issue, why it was so secretive, and what was being done about it.

March 31, 2006

War of the Words campus discussion: Doo Dah Day

Doo Dah Day is a campuswide day of celebration intended to relieve pre-finals stress. This year, Doo Dah Day will be held on April 29. The Marcolian has opened discussion of Doo Dah Day’s celebration, importance, and possible future direction to Marietta students, faculty, and staff.

Today, I had a test, a speech, a late paper, a quiz, two meetings, and a Marcolian article to write.  Tomorrow, I have an essay due, a report to research, a quiz, an exorbitant number of pages to read, and five hours of community service, and we’re not even close to finals week.  When you get that feeling that your right eye has ballooned up to the point of bursting, there is often nothing but more work ahead.

Captain’s log: Don’t fear the Reaper
Disclaimer: The following views are solely those of the highly opinionated Jon Moffett and are not necessarily shared by the other staff of the Marcolian. These views are not intended to insult or offend anyone, but are merely intended to spark debate and/or discussion among the student body.

This past weekend, I heard the unfortunate news that a girl I graduated high school with was killed in a car accident late Saturday night. Were she and I best friends? No. I mean, I would say hello to her and talk to her, but other than that, we just knew each other. Did the news still hit me hard? Oh, you better believe it.

One night at MC... in drag

On Saturday night, Marietta College hosted a drag show full of flamboyant “women” in feathers, high-kicking dance numbers, and general gender-bending good humor. While some members of the audience were content to watch how the performers shifted the line between male and female, I decided to try it myself.

March 24, 2006

War of the Words: Control of US ports
“Red alert”--or maybe it’s orange or yellow. I’m not really sure, except I know to be afraid of the terrorists that are determined to kill us. Since 9/11, national security has been the top priority of our government. National security is so important that we have been instructed to ignore infringements on civil liberties, and just discussing whether or not policies like the Patriot Act, NSA wiretapping, and how long to stay in Iraq helps the terrorists win.

Captain’s log: Drop in temperature, rise in costs
Disclaimer: The following views are solely those of the highly opinionated Jon Moffett and are not necessarily shared by the other staff of the Marcolian. These views are not intended to insult or offend anyone, but are merely intended to spark debate and/or discussion among the student body.

Hello to all my loyal readers. Let me just start off by thanking the dozen of you who actually read my column. I truly hope that you all enjoyed spring break, which didn't seem quite long enough to me, and are all just so excited to be back. Off the record, who almost died of shock when they got back? We go from the beach where it's sunny and awesome, to snow in Marietta. Thank goodness it's spring though, or else that would make sense.

One day at MC... in the newsroom

Wednesday--tension runs high. The newsroom is full of editors, all of them fighting for a computer; when one stands up, another leaps into the vacant chair without a word of apology. Articles aren’t in; pictures aren’t in; editors aren’t in, and their pages aren’t done, and the deadline is mere hours away. Cell phones come out so that their owners can interrogate the slackers. Obscene language too vulgar for Howard Stern fills the air as the computers freeze in unison.

Fast-paced culture demands “instant”

I recently took a walk to Food-4-Less on a chilly Sunday morning. Traffic was fairly light at church-time in the morning, and I don’t mind the cold, but the slowness made me impatient as only the pedestrian can be, watching cars zip past. I made my way through the automatic (caution) doors of Food-4-Less at last with a single purpose: INSTANT.

Letter to the editor

Alum thanks Katrina volunteers

Dear Editor,
Last December, I had the opportunity to meet the students who came to New Orleans to assist with Katrina cleanup at Delgado Community College. As an alum, I was thrilled to see my alma mater step up to the plate and come to New Orleans to help out. My only regret is that I did not get a chance to spend more time getting to know the group as they all seemed like an incredible group of young men and women.

EPA should protect environment

In a bold move last Friday, the EPA radically reversed its strategy.  After years of frustration and heartache over the recalcitrance of the government, the loathsome self-serving attitudes of industries, and the habitual apathy of the American public, it seems the EPA decided that the best way to save the environment is to let it be destroyed.

March 3, 2006

War of the Words: Going Greek

I am Alpha Tau Omega.  I am part of its legacy, brotherhood, and traditions.  I have more than a group of friends; I have brothers.

Captain’s log: Beauty in the eyes of the employer

Disclaimer: The following views are solely those of the highly opinionated Jon Moffett and are not necessarily shared by the other staff of the Marcolian. These views are not intended to insult or offend anyone, but are merely intended to spark debate and/or discussion among the student body.

First off, I was told by a friend of mine that I’m a cynic.  I don’t think that I’m a cynic; I like to consider myself a constructive destroyer of things that I find ridiculous.  Now, for the good stuff.

One night at MC . . . in Thomas Hall

Believe it or not, our campus is littered with valuable objects. True, there are no Hope Diamonds or chests of gold or even Declarations of Independence lying around, but we do have a campus full of flat-screen monitors, shiny computers, valuable pieces of ethnic art, and rare early-edition books. This brings forth the obvious question--how easy would it be for someone to steal this stuff? To find out, I decided to test Campus Police’s awareness of buildings on campus by staying in Thomas Hall all night.

New alcohol policy: get mad

There’s been a lot of discussion during the past two weeks about the administration’s proposal for a new alcohol policy. An article printed in the Feb. 16 edition of the Marcolian fueled much of this debate.

Letter to the editor: New library may not be ‘necessary,’ but will be welcome

This letter is in response to Jakob Kane Loukas’s article, “New library may not be necessary” (February 16, 2006, Page 17). The views that Miller expresses here are his own, and his words have not been altered in any way.

In terms of his overall thesis - that the library may not be necessary - Jakob Loukas is of course correct. But then again, few of the things we do in life are necessary. Certainly the college can continue to function with the existing library, in much the same way that the college functioned with a dilapidated gymnasium, out-dated science facilities, old dormitories, etc.

Finding financial “higher ground”
I am here because of an obscene amount of financial aid money and a dizzying amount of my parent's hard-earned cash. I know that I am not the only student in this situation, but when I received my two 9 Core Values mouse pads, I had to wonder where all of that beautiful green was going. How is the college spending our tuition dollars? How can a new library be built and complimentary mouse pads be distributed if the college is so strapped for money they have to bleed my personal wealth (or lack thereof)? Snazzy though the pads are, I know I could have sacrificed them for a bit of cash to pad my bank account.

Feb. 17, 2006

War of the Words: Lobbying Congress

Let's pretend that you're sitting on your back porch one day, and all of a sudden, a semi-truck backs into your yard and dumps gallons of toxic waste all over your neatly trimmed hedges. It then seeps into your perfectly planted flowers and trickles down into the soil, slowly eroding away your backyard environment with each drop. Now let's pretend that you're scared for your well-being, your health, and the overall environment as a whole. But for those of you who could care less about the environment, we can just pretend you're scared for your health. (Don't worry, I won't come to your house and wrap my arms around a big tree.)

Captain’s log: Fashionably loud

Disclaimer: The following views are solely those of the highly opinionated Jon Moffett and are not necessarily shared by the other staff of the Marcolian. These views are not intended to insult or offend anyone, but are merely intended to spark debate and/or discussion among the student body.

If you’re one of those people who sit in front of the television set and watch fashion shows because you’re actually interested in what the models are wearing, stop reading now.  If you’re not one of those people, you can join me in saying those people are idiots.

Valentine’s Day at MC . . . single

So, by now, most of us have survived Valentine’s Day.
February 14 is widely regarded as the most hateful day in the western calendar (with April 15 a close second). Those people lucky enough to be spending “the most romantic day of the year” with their loved ones hate Valentine’s Day because it means spending hard-earned dollars on flowers, candy, romantic dinners, scandalous presents, and cheesy cards.

New library may not be necessary

Plans for the new library have been floating around since Winter break. Of course, everyone has heard of the generous 10 million dollars that Laura Baudo Sillerman and Robert Dyson have donated to the project. These two alumni are responsible for the wonderfully appointed (and aptly named) Dyson Baudo Recreation Center. Such generosity and dedication to Marietta College is commendable, laudable, and appreciated, I am sure, by the many students who use the Center on a regular basis. Surely, the fabulous new library will also add sophistication, technology (that works, hopefully) and, well, chic to the mundane pursuit of academic excellence.

Student Submission
Rainbow Alliance member promotes Freedom to Marry Week

This week, MC Rainbow Alliance joins organizations across the country in drawing attention to the inequality faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBT) couples denied the freedom to marry. 

Feb. 2, 2006

War of the Words: J-Term Reviews Mixed

When I was back home discussing college life with my high school friends, they could not believe how long my vacation was. I arrived back home a week before them, and I left two weeks later. The Marietta College J-term was an unnecessarily extended vacation.

Captain’s log: mE! True Hollywood Story

Disclaimer: The following views are solely those of the highly opinionated Jon Moffett and are not necessarily shared by the other staff of the Marcolian. These views are not intended to insult or offend anyone, but are merely intended to spark debate and/or discussion among the student body.

If there’s one place on Earth where you can be the biggest snob in the world, pretend you’re someone you’re not, or just live the life of a movie star, look no further than the wonderful world of Hollywood.

One week at MC . . . without lying
In the United States, we get used to accusing the government of all sorts of heinous activities--for example, spying on decent, hardworking citizens who happen to be making overseas calls. The government has also been accused of shady dealings with aliens, with slightly less justification; I would imagine that any government in the employ of forces from outer space could at least find a better alternative to fossil fuels. The most frequent accusation leveled against the government, though, is that politicians lie like Persian rugs.

Super Bowl Weekend Do’s and Don’ts
For Pittsburgh and Seattle fans Super Bowl XL will be more than just an excuse to drink, gamble, cheer and curse. But for those fans who just want to keep tradition and watch NFL football, it is about drinking, gambling, and having fun with friends. Here are some tips for Super Bowl weekend.

The State of the Union according to Jon Moffett
Ladies and gentlemen, after viewing the president’s State of Union address, I am worried about, well, the state of our union.  I’d love to say that I was one of those annoying people who stood up and applauded after every thirty-eight seconds, but unfortunately I’m not.  I’m that one guy who sat down and gave everyone else a death-stare because they were doing this applauding without really even listening to our dear leader.  Had they been listening to what he was really saying, they might’ve thought twice about their exuberance. <applause>

Students Resigned to Bookstore Prices
As the new semester begins, the MC bookstore has ruffled feathers yet again. Many students identify the bookstore with high prices, frustration, and even outrage. Among some students, indifference has sprung out of disappointment. Others have found ways to get their books with less hassle, for less of their precious monetary resources.

Nov. 17, 2005

War of the words: campus finance
I have a room full of useful advertisements for Marietta College. I have shirts, bags, a water bottle, a bracelet and other things that can help me be a human billboard for MC. Marietta gives you enough free clothing to make sure that everybody knows what school you go to when you’re downtown on a Thursday night--but maybe you don’t need some of it. We pay tuition, and tuition dollars go towards all the “free” stuff we get. I don’t know how much of a financial impact these small and often fun give-outs have on the student body, but it’s probably too much.

Captain’s log: All about the Benjamins
Disclaimer: The following views are solely those of the highly opinionated Jon Moffett and are not necessarily shared by the other staff of the Marcolian. These views are not intended to insult or offend anyone, but are merely intended to spark debate and/or discussion among the student body.

Just do it.  It’s been Nike’s slogan for as long as I can remember.  Not only is it a catchy slogan, but it’s also a motto for life.  Don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, and don’t worry about it.  Just do it.  A lot of people could benefit from applying this theory to their own lives, especially professional athletes.

Do’s & Don’ts: Thanksgiving break
It’s that time of the year again: the leaves have fallen, and students are leaving papers and studying behind and traveling home to have Thanksgiving dinner with family. Here are a few tips for this Thanksgiving break.

Do celebrate with family and friends. If you can’t make it home this Thanksgiving to celebrate with family, make sure to celebrate with other friends who are staying on campus.

Don’t eat too much. You don’t want to overindulge in turkey and stuffing. Eat enough to enjoy the meal. Save room for the pumpkin pie. There will always be leftovers, most likely for weeks to come.

Student websites not monitored
As technology grows and Internet use increases, so do the number of personal websites. Fortunately, Marietta provides all of its students with online webspace where they are free to write journals, share picture, and post private thoughts,views and opinions.

Laura Little, Instructional Technologist for Marietta College helped shed more light on the process.

College concerns addressed
Marietta College Cabinet:
Jean Scott, President
Dan Bryant, Vice President of Finance and Administration
Gary Craig, Dean of Enrollment Management
Sue DeWine, Provost
Debbie Lazorik, Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
Lori Lewis, Vice President of Advancement
Lon Vickers, Dean of Student Life

On at least two recent occasions, groups of students at Marietta College have raised legitimate concerns about safety on campus and privacy on the Facebook website. Discussions during the Student Senate meeting on Nov. 2 and the Pizza & Politics event on Nov. 9 resulted in healthy and productive conversations, prompting some immediate changes and topics for future discussion.

Nov. 03, 2005

Freshmen speak up on quiet hours
Freshman quiet hours. What exactly does this statement mean to you? For students at Marietta, it means that during certain hours of the day, you must be quiet in the residence halls. These hours are Sunday through Thursday from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m., and Friday through Saturday from midnight to 9 a.m. Many freshmen, including myself, are curious as to why these hours were picked.

War of the words: foreign disaster aid
The United States is the most economically advanced and powerful nation in the world.  Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean we get to push the other nations around.  I learned in third grade that just because I was the largest kid on the playground, it didn’t mean that I could pick on my diminutive classmates.  Our nation seems to have lost this lesson somewhere in the political machine.

One week at MC... without coffee
I mentioned in my last article that I love coffee. I love the taste of it, the smell of it, and yes, how it makes me feel when I drink it.  Since my column asks other people to give up something that they enjoy, I have to be willing to make the same sacrifice.  Thus it was, that I began a week without coffee.

Letter to the editor: Poster doubts don’t stick
Upon reading the previous issue of The Marcolian, I was struck by several inconsistencies regarding Residence Life policies in the article by Mr. Kemble (“MC Poster Policy Doesn't Stick). As the Director of Residence Life, I feel the need to clarify these policies for the benefit of the campus community.

Do’s & Don’ts: Talking to the accreditors
As you are all aware (and have been repeatedly reminded since August), the accreditation team is coming next week. As they go about their duties, the team may be asking random students questions about the College and their particular educational experiences. (Yes, they could be talking to you).

So, here are a few subtle tips about what to say and what not to say.

Oct. 20, 2005

Halloween do’s & don’ts
Whether you’re staying in or going out, here are a few tips for having fun and staying safe this Halloween.
 Do dress up. C’mon you know you’ve always wanted to play the role of the hot Marlboro man or perhaps a frisky female cop. Halloween is the one day a year it’s okay to be someone or something you’re not. So do it, even if you feel it’s your calling to be a tampon this Halloween (it’s been done before, but it still gets laughs).

War of the words: favorite core value
“One of the Nine Core Values of Marietta College is its liberal arts foundation. Most 18 year-olds don’t know what they want to do with their lives, and if they do, they are either way ahead or slightly confused. A liberal arts education forces students to take classes they hate so that these students may either continue hating them and become embittered towards this core value or realize they enjoy them.

CAPTAIN’S LOG: In god we trust?
We all remember the tragic accident that happened on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School. Since that day, the American public school system has incorporated many security features such as metal detectors, armed guards, and drug dogs to keep the academics in and the dangers out. Perhaps such dangers wouldn’t happen if they’d let a certain someone in: God.

Oct. 6, 2005

One day at MC... being homeless
About four years ago, my family and I took a walking tour of Washington, D.C. We saw the outside of the White House, the inside of the Smithsonian, and all of the other beautiful and touristy parts of the city. Then, as we usually do in “tourist” places, we went walking in the rest of the city —where the real people are. As we walked down the sidewalk, we saw dozens of homeless people, all dirty and listless and ignored; now, when I think of the nation’s capital, all I can remember are those nameless, homeless faces.

CAPTAIN’S LOG: The Price is NOT Right
If there’s one thing that almost every campus across the United States has in common, it’s the theory of the Freshman 15. If there are two things they share, the second would probably be that college students are broke. Food and money seem to go hand in hand when it comes to college. Local pizza places offer specials to students because they know of the financial situation. If only our own campus would do the same.

War of the Words: Defending Our Nation
The threat of terrorism looms in the mind of every American. We are all worried about defending ourselves from foreign extremists, but I think that we must defend ourselves from ourselves. Fear makes people do crazy things and support crazy legislation.

Sept. 22, 2005

One day at MC ... without speaking
Every now and again, I am reminded of how difficult it is to be a non-native speaker of English in an English-speaking part of the world.  Intelligent,well-spoken international students will pause in the middle of their sentences because they do not know the one word that expresses their meaning; English-speakers become frustrated because they are not getting that easy flow of conversation that they have come to expect.

Letter to the editor: Talking what talk?
We were distressed by the unfounded presuppositions in Jon Moffett's opinion piece "Talking the Talk" in the Sept. 8 Marcolian.  Moffett uses his difficulty in communicating with an employee in a fast-food outlet to argue that immigrants should not come to the U.S. without knowing "basic English."

Captain's Log: So sue me!
In the movie "Liar Liar," Jim Carey portrays Fletcher Reede, a big-time lawyer who would rather win a case then win over the hearts of his clients.

During one scene of the movie, Reede's secretary, frustrated with him for accepting clients with less than moral cases, tells him a story about a friend who had her house broken into, but as the break-in was going on, the burglar was stabbed.  He sued the homeowner and won.  This might have been in a movie, but these kinds of bizarre cases actually do happen.

Staying well this fall: Do's and Don'ts
Today begins the first day of fall, and with it comes viruses, colds, and other illnesses. Keep in mind these tips for staying healthy this fall and winter.

Do dress appropriately. It's hoodie and sweats season. Okay, so maybe your gray sweats and high school football hoodie aren't as fashionable as your cut-off's and jean skirts. But staying warm keeps away sniffles, sore throats, and fevers. Stay warm

War of the Words:  Gilman vs. Izzy's
It has happened to all of us.  You're enjoying cafeteria food, maybe a meatball, deli meat, or a sausage.  You take a bite and chew, when, suddenly, crunch.  Shudder.  You know that meat should not have a crunch like that.  You try not to think about what it could be.  You purge your mind of thoughts of finger nails and bone.

Izzy's: The Lesser of Two Evils
I haven't been to Gilman since March of last year, and I have no plans of returning. Food quality has suffered and eventually I had enough.

This isn't to say that Gilman is always horrible, but your timing has to be just right. If you go during a peak meal time like noon or 6:00, the lines are just too long, and it isn't worth the wait. However, those peak times are when the food is the freshest. Around 1:30, when I like to eat lunch, the food sits out for just too long. The made-to-order grill is a great concept, but by the time you get your Thai Curry Stir Fry, your friends are already half done eating (and your water chestnuts are barely cooked at all).



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