Student Reactions to Courses in the Program

"I count this as one of the building blocks which has and will continue to define me and my life."

"The topic itself was titillating and the discussions were wonderful, because everyone had varying opinions and were encouraged to share them. The professor was always probing and serious about our feelings on the subject matter."

"This was the best course I have taken at MC."

"This course opened my eyes to many things a small town is not usually exposed to. I enjoyed the experience."

"A topic like sexuality on a college campus is a difficult subject for discussion, but the professor's ability to relate to students made it a success. The professor revealed enough about his/her own views and experiences that I felt comfortable in contributing to discussion."

"Thanks for opening my eyes."

"This class opened my eyes to the many different experiences that people have."

"I've never looked forward to going to class more than I did this semester. The environment was totally comfortable and open. The topics were interesting, thought-provoking, and controversial; they were things that definitely need to be addressed."

"I have learned so much about others and myself from the class. I can't wait until my next gender studies course."