What You Will Get Out of the Program

Through minoring in Gender Studies, you will:

  • Learn how concepts of gender influence social and interpersonal behavior
  • Recognize how sexuality can influence social and personal decisions
  • Grasp how social constructs (legal, political, religious systems) attempt to regulate human sexuality
  • Become familiar with various men's and women's groups and gain an understanding of what men and women seek from membership in these groups
  • Gain an understanding of how and why tensions arise between these groups and individuals
  • Explore your own gender role assumptions and identity
  • Acquire empathy toward the various and often differing individual definitions of 'womanhood' and 'manhood'
  • Examine the impact of gender identity on human relations historically and cross-culturally.

Learning Outcomes, students will:

  • Come to understand the different layers of gender as determined genetically, anatomically, and socially and the inherent conflicts when these layers do not 'match up' in an individual.
  • Feel empathy, tolerance, and understanding for those previously thought of as "other" and their relationship to themselves, family, business/career, and society at large.
  • Realize hetero/homosexual stereotypes and how they play out in creating tensions and expectations of and from others in diverse playing fields.
  • Familiarize themselves with the literature of both women's and men's groups and movements and literature written about the subject in multidisciplines.
  • Reflect upon the information and internalize it by writing and testing successfully.
  • Embrace the notion of Gender Studies as cross-disciplinary and multifaceted, the study of which improves the human condition.