Games Economists Play:

Non-Computerized Classroom-Games for College Economics

by Greg Delemeester and Jurgen Brauer

This web site is a resource for instructors of economics who would like to use non-computerized economic experiments (games) in their classrooms. The bulk of the website consists of an extensively annotated and hyperlinked compilation of more than 170 classroom games, most of which can be played within one class period. The purpose of the games is to help teach fundamental micro and macroeconomic concepts.

The web site is organized around two tables that classify the games according to subject matter, objectives, class size, game variations, etc. A bibliographic source and/or contact reference is provided for each game. Whenever possible, each game is hyperlinked to (i) similar or related games, (ii) the author's email address, and (iii) a website where the full game description can be accessed (if available). A separate link to a complete games bibliography follows the tables.

Table 1 classifies experiments for the Principles of Microeconomics course. The table is divided into three sections covering (i) the basic elements of economic analysis (supply and demand, perfect and imperfect markets, etc.), (ii) applying the basics (international trade and currency markets), and (iii) beyond the basics (market imperfections and government intervention).

Table 2 classifies experiments for the Principles of Macroeconomics course. While there is generally a dearth of games currently available for this course, several recent games have begun to flesh out the scope of the offerings.

[Note: Our old Table 3 that identified experiments intended primarily for post-principles courses, including intermediate micro and macro, money and banking, and labor economics, has been integrated into Tables 1 and 2.]


Table 1: Principles of Microeconomics
Table 2: Principles of Macroeconomics
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