The Economic Roundtable of the Ohio Valley was formed in 1982 by a group of business, civic, and educational leaders.

The object of the Economic Roundtable is to promote an interest in and to enlighten its members and others in the community on important governmental, economic, and social issues. Each year, several outstanding speakers are brought to the Mid-Ohio Valley to speak to the membership and classes at Marietta College on current issues of interest.

The Economic Roundtable is funded by membership dues, corporate sponsorships, and income from endowment grants and gifts. Since the organization has a 501(C)3 classification, gifts and grants are deductible for federal income tax purposes.




Kristopher Justice, Chair


Doug Ankrom, President


Clint Holley, Vice President of Membership and Advancement


Orvie Fischer, Vice President of Finance/Treasurer


Greg Delemeester, Vice President of Programs


Larry Johnson, Secretary





Board of Directors, Ohio

Board of Directors, West Virginia

Doug Ankrom

Larry Johnson

Greg Delemeester

Robert Kent

Orvie Fischer

Paul Mancuso

Clint Holley

Robert Moss

Kristopher Justice

Michele Wilson

Bob McCloy


Edward Osborne


Jess Raines


Glenn Ray

Donn Schafer

Jeff Welch