Economists With Web Pages

Mrozek's Page at Georgia Tech (Principles of Micro)

Gardner's Page at Baylor (Comparative Econ)

John Iron's Page at MIT (A little bit of everything)

Patrick Conway's Economic Case Study Page at UNC

Jim Whitney's Home Page at Occidental College (Micro stuff)

Geoffrey Gerdes' Home Page at UCLA (nice java applets for economics)

John Morgan's Page at Princeton (classroom experiments)

Edward Flaherty's Web Page at the College of Charleston (Debunker of Economic Myths)

The Official Paul Krugman Web Page

Ariel Rubinstien's Page at Princeton (good game theory stuff)


Law and Economics Course Pages

Cooter-Ulen web site

Robert Cooter's Home Page at Cal-Berkeley (Law & Econ)

Goetz's Law and Economics Page at Virginia

Johnson's Law and Economics at Rutgers

Klein's L&E at Georgia

Sell's Law & Econ. Syllabus at Wooster

Carlson's Law & Econ Page at Illinois State

Cupton's Law and Economics Page at Kent State

Glenn Hubbard's Page at South Carolina (Law & Econ; Environmental Econ)

David Friedman's Page at Santa Clara (Law & Econ; Libertarian)

David Mustard's Page at Georgia

Noelwah Netusil's Page at Reed

George Berger's Page at Pitt by Walter Olson

Henry Demmert's Page at Santa Clara



Environmental Economics Course Pages

Steve Hackett's Page at Humboldt State University

Popp's Page at the University of Kansas

Etnyre's Page at the University of Houston-Clear Lake

Curtis' Page at Drew University

Boggess' Page (Reading Cards idea)

Vijaya Sharma's Page at the University of Colorado


Comparative Economics Course Pages