Spreadsheet Project 3: International Phillips Curves

Locate data on unemployment rates and inflation rates for the past 20 years from a country other than the United States. Create an Excel X-Y chart to display the data. Answer the following questions:

Q1: Describe the resulting chart in your own words. Does there appear to be a "traditional-looking" Phillips Curve?

Q2: Calculate the average unemployment and inflation rates over the last 20 years. How do these values compare with the U.S. experience over the same time period?

Q3: Using the AD/AS model, explain the movements in the unemployment rate and inflation rate over the time period.

You must submit your work to me as a two-page document: Page 1 contains your name, project title, and answers to Questions 1-3.  Page 2 contains the chart.


Due Date:  March 31, 2011