Environmental Economics Acronyms

CV	Contingent valuation
WTP	Willingness to Pay: can be expressed in either total or 
		marginal terms
MC	Marginal cost of production
TSB	Total Social Benefits
TSC	Total Social Costs
MEC	Marginal external cost
MPC	Marginal private cost
MSC	Marginal social cost
MPB	Marginal private benefit
MAC	Marginal abatement cost
MDF	Marginal damage function
PV	Present value
NPV	Net present value

Environmental Science Acronyms

Btu	British thermal unit
CFC	Chlorofluorocarbon
CO	Carbon monoxide
CO2	Carbon dioxide
DO	Dissolved oxygen
g/m3	micrograms per cubic meter
mg/m3	milligrams per cubic meter	
NOx	Nitrogen oxides	
NO2	Nitrogen dioxide	
O2	Oxygen	
O3	Ozone	
Pb	Lead	
PM	Particulate matter
PM-10	Particulate matter of less than 10 micrograms in diameter
ppm	parts per million
S02	Sulfur dioxide
SOx	Sulfur oxides
TSP	Total suspended particulates
TSS	Total suspended particles
VOC	Volatile organic compound

Environmental Policy Acronyms

ZPG	Zero population growth
BAT 	Best available technology
BACT	Best available control technology
BART	Best available retrofit technology
CBOT	Chicago Board of Trade
EIA	Environmental impact analysis
EIS	Environmental impact statement
EPA	Environmental Protection Agency
GAO	Government Accounting Office
IPM	Integrated pest management
LAER	Lowest achievable emission rate
NAAQS	National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NSPS	New Source Performance Standards
PSD	Prevention of significant deterioration
PSI	Pollution Standards Index
RACT	Reasonably available control technology
RECLAIM	Regional Clean Air Incentives Market
SIP	State Improvement Plan
TDP	Transferable discharge permit
WPCA	Water Pollution Control Act
TBES	Technology-based effluent standard
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