Potential New Members

First and foremost, we would like to extend to you a warm welcome. We're glad that you've decided to learn a little more about Chi Omega. This section of the website is just for you, to learn, to discover, to understand what Chi Omega is all about. It is our hope that, armed with this information, we will see you come through our front door during Recruitment. Of course, we know that is your decision.

What Is Chi Omega?

This is actually a rather difficult question to answer, as Chi Omega means many things to many different people. However, it will probably be easiest to start with the facts. Chi Omega is a national women's fraternity, the largest in the world. There are over 240,000 active sisters dispersed among over 170 collegiate chapters across the country. Chi Gamma is one such chapter, and though our numbers may be small compared to some of the other chapters across the country, our hearts still resonate with the warmth and sisterhood of Chi Omega.

To the sisters of the Chi Gamma chapter, Chi Omega is more than just an organization in which we are all members. All of us have found a home beneath the Chi and Omega, and in that home, we have found sisters to stand by us through any circumstance. It is our sisterhood that makes us strong, and more than capable of looking out for each other. In everything that we do, we adhere to a policy of 'No Sister Left Behind,' and by that endeavor we strive not to strand a sister in any location or at any time.

Why Go Chi O?

Chi Omega has a lot to offer. Not only do you gain a lifetime's worth of sisters, but a lot of memories of fun times and silly evenings, of girls' nights out and discussions over ice cream and Kraft singles. Chi Omega embraces the unique outlooks of every sister and encourages you to be your own person. You'll have encouragement to try new things, and support if you choose not to. Most importantly, you'll have sisters who accept you for who you are, and won't expect anything from you, beyond what you yourself can give.

When it comes time for graduation, and seeking out a job, you'll find that you have connections. Your sisters will be willing to help you, if you ask, no matter what chapter you may be from. By joining Chi Omega, you have a massive network of sisters that you share an instant bond with. Who knows? Perhaps, once you get out in the world, you'll need the help and support of a sister, and one will be there for you, even though you were active in chapters a country apart.

Going Chi O

If you are interested in checking out Chi Omega for yourself, we encourage you join us in February for Spring Recruitment. You'll find information about Recruitment around campus as the dates near.


Sept. 22--Parent's Day
Bring your parents to the houses and help them get to know what you're getting into with Recruitment.

Sept. 23--Open House Party #1
Come up to the house and hang out with the girls.

Sept. 24--Open House Party #2
Come up to the house and hang out with the girls.

Sept. 25--Sisterhood Night
Join us as we share our sisterhood with you.

Sept. 26--Preference Night

Sept. 27--Bid Day