Biology Journals in the Dawes Library

The following is a listing of journals in Biology which are available in the Dawes Library.  Also listed are journals in Psychology, Anthropology, and some related disciplines.  If the journal you are looking for is not here, try one of the other, larger lists.

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Journal Title Call Number Periodicals-Lower Floor Microfilm Microfiche
American Psychologist BF1 .A55 v.7(1952)--    
American Sociological Review HM1 .A75 v.1-14,16(1951)--    
Agricultural History S1 .A16 v.1-65(1927-91)    
Agricultural Research S1 .A815 Latest 5 Years    
AIBS Bulletin QH1 .B56 v.1-13    
American Anthropologist GN1 .A5 v.28-54,56(1954)--    
American Biology Teacher QH301 .A7 +v.27-28,33(1971)--    
American Ethnologist GN1 .A53 v.1(1974)--    
American Imago BF1400 .A1 A49 v.24-46(1967-89)    
American Journal of Botany QK1 .B345 +v.29-31,35(1948)--    
American Journal of Physical Anthropology GN1 .A55 v.26-62(1967-83)    
American Journal of Psychology BF1 .A5 v.1-24,31(1920)--    
American Journal of Public Health : JPH RA421 .A41 +v.61-66,67(1977)--    
American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health RA421 .A41 v.1-43    
American Journal of Science Q1 .A5 +v.1-36,237(1939)--    
American Journal of Sociology HM1 .A7 v.65(1960)--    
American Journal of Sports Medicine RC1200 .J66 v.15(1987)--   v.6-10(1978-82)
American Laboratory Q184 .A54 Current Year Only    
American Midland Naturalist QH1 .A85 v.1(1909)--    
American Naturalist QH1 .A5 v.23-26,57(1951)--    
American Zoologist QL1 .A448 v.1(1961)--    
Amicus Journal S930 .A65 v.17-21(1999)--    
Animal Behavior QL750 .B7 v.18-21,23-26(1978)--    
Animal Learning and Behavior QL785 .A725 v.1(1973)--    
Applied Anthropology GN1 .H83 v.1-7(1941-48)    
ASHA RC423 .A1 A2 v.1-21    
Athletic Training RC1200 .A84   v.10-26(1975-91)  
Audobon QL671 .A82 v.93(1991)--    
Bacteriological reviews QR1 .B25 v.16-38, 40-41(1977)    
Biochemistry QP501 .B525 v.1(1962)--CRR    
Biocycle S661 .C6 Until Micro.Rec.   1992-97
Biological Bulletin QH301 .B38 v.16-177(1908-89)    
Bioscience QH1 .B56 +v.30-31,33(1983)--    
Bird Watcher's Digest QL676 .B5 v.2(1979)--    
Botanical Gazette QK1 .B3 +v.14(1889)-+79-93,151-52(1991)    
Botanical Review QK1 .B335 v.1-39(1935-73)    
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Q175 .B787 v.1(1950)--    
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists TK9145 .A84 Until Micro.Rec. v.1-50(1946-94) v.51(1995)--
Bulletin of the Wagner Free Institute of Science Q11 .Q164 v.1-32    
Bulletin of theTorrey Botanical Club QK1 .T6 v.97-101(1970-74)    
Cell QH573 .C38 v.56(1989)--    
Compass : Earth science Journal of Sigma Gamma Epsilon TN1 .C793 v.63-64    
Copeia QL1 .C65 1920-33,1947--    
Current Anthropology GN1 .C8 v.1-7,9-16,18(1977)--    
Daedalus Q11 .B7 v.88-98,100(1971)--    
Developmental Biology QH301 .D48 v.27-94(1972-82)    
Developmental Psychology BF699 .D46 v.1(1969)--    
Discover Q1 .D57 Latest 5 Years    
Drosophila Information Service QL537 .M6 D7 no.1-63(1934-86)    
E: The Environmental Magazine TD171.7 .E13 Current Year Only    
Earth Decade Reading List GE105 .L53 (1996)--    
Ecological Monographs QH540 .E28 v.1(1931)--    
Ecology QH540 .E3 v.4(1923)--    
Educational and Psychological Measurement BF1 .E3 +v.51(1981)--    
ENC Focus Q181 .A1 E46 1994--    
ENC Update Q181 .A1 E47 Latest 5 Years    
Endangered Species Bulletin S960 .E63 Latest 5 Years    
Endeavor Q1 .E5 +n.s.v.1(1977)--    
Environment TK9001 .E58 Latest 5 Years    
Environmental Ethics GF80 .E58 Until Micro. Rec. v.13-16(1991-94) v.17(1995)--
Environmental Health Perspectives: EHP RA565 .A1 E575 v.2-99,101(1994)--    
Environmental Science & Technology TD180 .E5 v.31(1997)--    
Ethnohistory: the Bulletin of the Ohio Valley Historic Indian Conference GN2 .E8 v.4-7,9(1962)--    
Evolution QH301 .S753 v.1-45,47(1993)--    
Extension Review S544 .A35      
Family Health RA773 .F17     v.9-13(1977-81)
Fitness Management RA773 .F47 Latest 3 Years    
Frontiers: Newsletter of the National Science Foundation Q1 .F76 (1997)--    
Genetics QH431 .G43 v.127(1991)--    
Hastings Center Report R724 .H27b Current Year Only    
Health RA773 .F171   v.13-23(1981-91)  
Health RA773 .F172 Until Micro. Rec.   v.16(1992)--
Health Care Financing Review RA410.53 .H415 v.3-19(1981-98)    
Health Services Reports RA11 .B17 v.1-2    
Human Organization: Journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology GN1 .H83 v.8(1949)--    
International Journal of Plant Sciences QK1 .B31 v.153(1992)--    
Invertebrate Biology QH201 .A31 v.114(1995)--    
Isis Q1 .I7 v.6-16,53(1962)--    
JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association R15 .A48 v.173(1960)--    
Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology RC321 .J7 v.33-69(1938-64)    
Journal of Abnormal Psychology RC321 .J7 v.70-86,88(1979)--    
Journal of Anthropological Research GN1 .S64 v.29-47(1973-91)    
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis BF636 .A1 J6 +v.9-11,13(1980)--    
Journal of Applied Physiology QP1 .J72 v.1(1948)--    
Journal of Applied Physiology: Respiratory, Environmental and Exercise Physiology QP1 .J72 v.1-16    
Journal of Athletic Training RC1200 .A841 Until Micro.Rec. v.27-29(1992-94) v.30(1995)--
Journal of Bacteriology QR1 .J6 v.1-172(1916-90)    
Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry RC489 .B4 J65 v.11-21(1980-90)    
Journal of Biological Chemistry QP501 .J7 v.148(1973)--    
Journal of Cell Biology QH301 .J677 v.52-95(1972-82)    
Journal of College Science Teaching Q183 .U6 J68 +v.17-22,24(1994)--    
Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology BF1 .J57 v.51-69,72-92    
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology BF1 .J575 v.38-39,42-- v.28-37(1964-71)  
Journal of Counseling Psychology BF637 .C3 J6 v.15(1968)--    
Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology QL366 .J61 v.40(1993)--    
Journal of Experimental Analysis of Behavior BF1 .J60 v.1(1958)--    
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology BF721 .J64 v.1-9,11-25,27(1979)--    
Journal of Experimental Psychology BF1 .J6 v.50-103(1955-74)    
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes BF1 .J6a v.1-9,17(1992)--    
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General BF1 .J6b +v.108-112,120(1991)--    
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Learning and Memory BF1 .J6c v.1-7    
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance BF1 .J6d v.1-9,17(1991)--    
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition BF1 .J6c 1 v.8-9,17(1991)--    
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology HM251 .J53 v.1-5,8(1972)--    
Journal of Experimental Zoology QL1 .J85 v.7-260(1909-91)    
Journal of Foraminiferal Research QL368 .F6 J6 v.19(1971)--    
Journal of General Microbiology QR1 .J64 v.42(1966)--    
Journal of General Physiology QP1 .J73 v.1-44,46-48,50(1967)--    
Journal of General Psychology BF1 .J64 v.100-117(1979-90)    
Journal of Heredity S494 .A2 J7 v.14-81(1923-90)    
Journal of Herpetology QL640 .J6 v.2-19(1968-85)    
Journal of Leadership Studies HM141 .J6 v.3(1996)--    
Journal of Mammalogy QL700 .J6 v.28(1947)--    
Journal of Nutrition RM214 .J6 v.25(1943)--    
Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy RD701 .J69 v.5,7(1985)--    
Journal of Paleontology QE701 .J6 v.1-43,44(1970)--    
Journal of Personality BF1 .J66 +v.35-38,40(1972)-- v.32-34(1964-66)  
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology HM251 .J56 v.1(1965)--    
Journal of Protozoology QL366 .J6 v.19-39(1972-92)    
Journal of Psychological Type BF698.A1 B94 v.7-18,21(1992)--    
Journal of Research in Personality BF1 .J62 v.10-20(1976-86)    
Journal of Research in Science Teaching Q181 .A1 J6 v.1-5,7(1970)--    
Journal of Social Psychology HM251 .A1 J6 v.29-98,101-130(1990)    
Journal of Sport Rehabilitation RD97 .J68 v.6(1997)--    
Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness RC1200 .J66 v.9-13,15(1975)--    
Journal of Studies on Alcohol RC565 .J6 v.40-51(1979-90)    
Journal of Technical Writing and Communication T11 .J66 v.11-13,15(1985)--    
Journal of the American Dietetic Association RM214 .A6 v.38-91(1961-91)    
Journal of the American Medical Association R15 .A48 v.165-173(1957-60)    
Journal of the History of Biology QH305 .J64 v.1(1968)--    
Journal of the Ohio Herpetological Society QL640 .O3 v.1-5(1958-66)    
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute GN1 .M251 v.1(1995)--    
Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society QH201 .R82 v.42-128(1922-82)    
Journal of the Scientific Laboratories, Denison University Q11 .D35 v.14-55(1908-74)    
Journal of Theoretical Biology QH301 .J75 v.1-99(1961-82)    
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology QE841 .J67 v.1-5,7,11(1991)--    
Lethaia QE701 .L5 v.1(1968)--    
Limnology and Oceanography GC1 .L5 v.1-22,24-34,35(1990)--    
Man GN1 .M25 v.9-29(1974-94)    
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise RC1200 .M44 v.29(1997)--    
Memory and Cognition BF371 .M45 v.19(1991)--    
Microbiological Reviews QR1 .B25 v.42-61(1978-97)    
Microbiology QR1 .J642 v.139(1993)--    
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews: MMBR QR1 .B251 v.61(1997)--    
Micropaleontology QE701 .M527 v.1(1955)--    
Monthly Water Inventory Report for Ohio TD224 .O3 M6 Latest 5 Years    
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: MMWR/ Center for Disease Control RA407.3 .A37 Latest 3 Years    
Mycologia QK600 .M8 v.64(1972)--    
National Wildlife S964.U6 N35 v.9-10,13(1975)--    
Natural History QH1 .N13 Until Micro. Rec. v.1-103(1900-94) v.104(1995)--
Nature Q1 .N2 v.225-265,267(1977)--    
New Scientist Q1 .N52 v.99(1983)--    
Newsletter/National Water Quality Laboratory TD370 .N49 v.4(1996)--    
Nuclear Safety TK9152 .N8 v.21-35(1980-94)    
Nutrition Today QP141 .A1 N88 Latest 5 Years    
Ohio Medical Repository of Original and Selected Intelligence R11 .O55   v.1(1826-27)  
Organic Gardening S605.5 .O71 Latest 5 Years    
Outdoor Life SK1 .O945 Latest 3 Years    
Palaeontology QE701 .P155 v.4(1961)--    
Paleobiology QE701 .P17 v.1(1975)--    
Parents Magazine HQ768 .P33   v.1-69(1926-94) v.70(1995)--
Parks and Recreation SB481 .A1 P3 Current Year Only    
Philosophical Magazine. B, Physics of Condensed Matter, Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties Q1 .P5 v.1-9    
Philosophy of Science Q1 .P55 v.27(1960)-- v.1-26(1934-59)  
Physical Therapy RM695 .A53 UMR/v.44-64(1964-84) v.65-74(1985-94) v.75(1995)--
Physiological Reviews QP1 .P45 v.2-71(1922-91)    
Plant Science Bulletin QK1 .P685 Current Year Only    
Popular Photography TR1 .P8845 Current Year Only    
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge Q11 .P5 +v.106(1962)--    
Professional Psychology BF1 .P76 v.1-13    
Professional Psychology, Research and Practice BF1 .P761 v.14-22(1983-91)    
Psychological Assessment BF1 .P67 v.1-3,5(1993)--    
Psychological Bulletin BF1 .P75 v.1(1904)--    
Psychological Review BF1 .P7 +v.54-81,83(1976)--    
Psychology of Women Quarterly HQ1206 .P76 v.3(1978)--    
Psychology Today     v.1-23(1967-89)  
Public Health Reports RA11 .B17 v.89-91,94(1979)--    
Public Health Reports/ Issued by the Surgeon General, Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service RA11 .B17 v.22(1907)--    
Quarterly Review of Biology QH301 .Q3 v.1(1926)--    
Review of Scientific Instruments Q184 .R5 v.1-6,8-31,33(1962)--    
School Science and Mathematics Q1 .S28 +v.65-75,77(1977)--    
Science Q1 .S35 v.1-154,156,158(1967)--    
Science Activities Q181 .A1 S29 Latest 5 Years    
Science Digest Q1 .S355   v.1-94(1937-86)  
Science Education Q1 .S385 v.55-57,61(1977)--    
Science News Q1 .S76 Until Micro. Rec. v.89-144(1966-93) v.147(1995)--
Science Newsletter Q1 .S76   v.1-87(1922-65)  
Scientific American T1 .S5 Until Micro. Rec. v.1-271(1845-1994) v.272(1995)--
Sex Roles HQ768 .S4     v.24(1991)--
Stain Technology QH237 .A1 S8 v.1-65    
Technical Communication Quarterly T11 .T431 v.1(1992)--    
The Lancet R31 .L3 Until Micro. Rec.   v.341(1993)--
The Nautilus QL401 .N25 v.5-100,106(1992)--    
The New England Journal of Medicine R11 .B7 v.263(1960)--    
The Ohio Journal of Science Q1 .O3 v.17(1915)--    
The Philosophical Magazine Q1 .P5 v.47-63(1950-91)    
The Physician and Sportsmedicine RC1200 .P47 Until Micro. Rec. v.3-22(1975-94) v.23(1995)--
The Psychological Record BF1 .P68 v.17(1967)-- v.1-16(1937-66)  
The Science Teacher Q181 .S38 v.38-46,49(1982)--    
The Sciences Q1 .S8147 Latest 5 Years    
The Technical Writing Teacher T11 .T43 v.11-18(1984-91)    
Today's Health RA421 .T6   v.1-54(1923-76)  
Transactions of the American Microscopial Society QH201 .A3 v.9(1887)--    
Tribolium Information Bulletin     no.1-11  
Tri-Monthly Report--Ohio Herpetological Society QL640 .O3      
U.S. National Museum Bulletin Q11 .U6 no.241,250,252    

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