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Research Lab

This facility, located in the Rickey Science Center, provides research space and equipment for students and faculty.  Adjacent to the Cell Biology and Microbiology Labs, it houses the research microscopes and cameras, as well as other graphics equipment, a UV spectrophotometer, refrigerated ultracentrifuge, -80 and -20o freezers, incubators, and other ancillary equipment.

Above: Dr. Steve Spilatro confers with a student.


Left:  The 4 research microscopes available in the lab.  From the left is a Nikon compound microscope with a SPOT digital camera, an Olympus stereoscope with a Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera attached, an Olympus inverted microscope, and, at the right, and Olympus Phase-Contrast/Fluorescence microscope, also with a SPOT digital camera.  Any of the cameras, as well as several video and film cameras available in the department, can be mounted on any of the microscopes.  The computers are networked; images can be saved to the network, burned onto CD-ROMS, or printed.  The graphics station is pictured below.
Right: Two computers, a scanner, and several printers are available for image processing and presentation.  A 42" wide printer is available on the network.  Below:  After taking an image on one of the microscopes, a student can bring it up on one of the two extra computers - freeing up the microscope for the next student.  The printers also double as card readers for downloading images from digital cameras.



Left: Another view of the Nikon compound scope and Olympus stereoscope.  Large windows opening into the hall help tie the room to the cell biology and micro labs across the hall, and let people in the hall watch the action on the microscopes.  If you're looking for one of your study partners it's easy to track them down in this building.  Right: The Nikon scope and SPOT camera.

Above:  One of the computers placed between the inverted and compound Olympus scopes.  The camera can easily be moved between the scopes, making it easy to check up on your cell tissue culture or your latest histology slide.  Right:  The computer-controlled UV spectrophotometer. Below: Two views of the separate research space for students.
Right:  The equipment room off the research lab.  This is where the freezers, incubators, ultracentrifuge and other pieces of equipment are located.


The Scientific Imaging class uses this facility extensively.  Learn about the class and imaging techniques.

Cell Biology is another course which uses these facilities and the Cell Biology lab across the hall.  Click here to learn more.


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