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In 1992, The Biology Department received the first of 2 NSF grants to facilitate the use of computers and other technology in the department.  That first grant was followed by a second grant in 1998, and Marietta College itself replaced all the computers in the lab and classrooms in 2001.  These grants, coupled with equipment bought with additional NSF research grants allow our students to use digital technology to acquire, analyze, interpret, present and store data.  Our facilities include:

  • Computer lab with 15 Pentium computers with 256MB RAM, 20 GB hard drives and 12x CD Writers.  Lab also equipped with scanner and color and B/W printers.  All computers have 17" monitors and Windows XP.

  • Intro Lab with 6 Pentium Computers and Vernier/Quantum Photosynthesis modules.

  • Anatomy Lab with 3 Pentium Computers running ADAM software (ADAM also installed in main lab).

  • 5 classrooms each equipped with a Pentium Computer, DVD drive VCR, and high-resolution projector.

  • Additional computer with DVD, VCR and projector mounted on a cart for use in other classrooms/laboratories.

  • Research Lab with SPOT digital microscope cameras and dedicated computers, flatbed scanner, Pentium Computers with CD-Writer, 19" monitors. Dye Sublimation and photo-inkjet printers for high-quality prints.

  • Cell Biology and Microbiology labs each with multiple Pentium computers.

  • UV/Vis Spectrophotometer with dedicated Pentium Computer.

  • Graphics Lab With Flatbed and Film Scanners, color and dye-sublimation printers, Polaroid Film Recorder, 19" monitor.



  • Software includes Microsoft Office 2000, Adobe Photoshop, Vernier LabPro, ADAM, custom software.

  • Additional computers, including laptops, are equipped with Vernier data acquisition systems and various probes including carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, pH, light, etc.

  • All computers fully networked both to the campus intranet and the internet.





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