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Biology Department Facilities

Above: Microbiology Lab - all labs in the new center have projection capabilities, here an image is projected from one of the microscopes during lab.

In the spring of 2003 the Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science programs began to move into the newly constructed Rickey addition to the Selby Science Center.  Previously, the biology department was located in the Bartlett Biology Building, which was 1/2 of the Selby Science Center.  With the Rickey addition, the department has moved most of its facilities from the 3rd floor of Bartlett to the new addition in order to make room for the Physician's Assistant program.  The Biology Department now has 4 new labs on the 2nd floor of the Rickey Science Center - Anatomy, Microbiology, Cell Biology and a student-faculty research lab.  All of these labs have state-of-the-art computer networks, audio-visual capabilities and ventilation systems.  In addition, the department also has animal behavior, and zoology labs on the second floor of Bartlett, general biology labs on the first floor, and animal and storage rooms in the basement of both Bartlett and Rickey, plus a rooftop greenhouse on Bartlett.  In the fall of 2007, we added the Barbara A. Beiser Field Station.  Future plans call for renovation of the labs in the Bartlett Building.

Botany Lab Greenhouse
Barbara A. Beiser ('49) Field Station
Animal Room Zoology Lab

Pictures from the Rickey Science Center are shown below.



Above:  Central corridor of Rickey Science Center.

Below:  Student gathering area on second floor of Rickey.





Above:  Nikon Coolpix Camera on Olympus Research Microscope.  Right:  Dr. Steve Spilatro in the Microscopy Suite of the new Rickey Science Center. 

Left:  SPOT Digital Camera on Nikon Microscope.



Right:  Dr. Hogan and students in the new anatomy lab.

Below: playing with fire in the micro lab.


Below:  Rare view of snow on the ground in Marietta.  View from student research lab in the Rickey Science Center.

For more views, click on one of the classroom doors above, or select a lab from those shown below.



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