Students / Los Estudiantes

We've been lucky on our two trips to have two extraordinary groups of students.  In both cases, everyone got along well (at least most of the time), and there was relatively little "drama".  These groups handled scorpions, poisonous snakes, fine restaurants, tiny sodas, waterfalls, hot tubs, beaches, jungles, volcanoes, busses, minivans, boats and whatever else we could throw at them with calm, good grace, and a "can-do" attitude.

Above, the 2005 team.  Front (kneeling) Josh Moore.  Second Row (from left) - Dr. David Brown, Tyler Snell, Jessica Kalus, Carrie Corder, Courtney Robinson, Dr. David Cress, Dr. Dave McShaffrey.  Third Row (from left) - Alicia Felton, Laurel Cisler, Alicia Burtner.  Fourth Row - Will Fogle, Michelle Stantial.  Back - Craig Merideth.  Photo taken on Volcán Arenal, facing Lake Arenal.


Above - the 2007 group.  Front:  Mallory Doup.  Second Row (from left):  Ryan Wright, Helen Bruns, Justin Armstrong, Megan Vore, Derek McWilliams, Dr. Dave McShaffrey.  Third Row (from left):  Andy Smith, Annie Falatach, Bonnie Smith, Diana Hackenburg, Gabby Sanders, Mike Braun, Dr. David Brown.  Volcán Arenal in the background.

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Above - the 2009 class at Monteverde.  Left to Right:  Dave McShaffrey, Whitney Putillion, Kesley Kasutinen, Casey Smith, Trevor Short, Christine Widgren, Joe Williams, Whitney Swain, Jenny Bruning.

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