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Costa Rica Field Trip 2005


Hopefully, these web pages are working OK for you.  However, in the complicated world of the internet, there may be some problems.  Below are a few issues you might run into and some possible solutions:

Things don't look right:  The pages were created at 1280 x 1024 pixels and will look best displayed at that resolution.  At lower resolutions pictures may not be as crisp, and some of the material may extend past the right side of the screen.  You can use pages like the the La Selva Travelogue at resolutions down to 800 x 600 by moving the scroll bar in the middle of the screen to the left.  This compresses the text and makes more room for the pictures.

Frames are not displayed:  Some of the pages use Frames to arrange the information on the page.  Most newer browsers should have no trouble with this, but some older ones might.  If you do not see frames correctly (for instance on the La Selva Travelogue) you may need to update your browser.  If you are working with Microsoft Windows 98 or later try getting a free browser from Microsoft.  You can also try Netscape or Firefox.  Firefox is my favorite, but it doesn't work with all of these pages (I write the pages with Microsoft products and for some reason Firefox doesn't like the JAVA code.  Oh well.

Some of the files need the free PDF reader from Adobe.

Mouseover links don't work:  On some pages, like the La Selva Travelogue, moving the mouse over a link causes a picture to appear in the frame to the right.  You don't need to click on the link.  This is an advanced feature and it doesn't always work, even for me.  Here are some of the known issues:

1.  Slow connection.  The small pictures on the travelogue pages may take 40 seconds to load on a 56K modem; 70 seconds or more on a 28K modem, and a few seconds on a cable or direct internet connection - assuming the internet and your local servers/routers/phone line, etc. are all in sync.  At home with a cable modem they average about 5-8 seconds.   There is a lot of information in the pictures, and they are big - I want them to be useful for students who might want to download them and use them (with credit given, of course!).

2.  JAVA scripts turned off.  JAVA scripts allow a web page to do a lot of things, such as show a new picture by simply moving the mouse over a link instead of clicking on it.  Unfortunately, some malicious code writers program the script to do nasty things to your computer.  As a result, many browsers have security settings which turn off the JAVA scripts.  No JAVA scripts, no fancy features.  Don't let the terrorists win!  You may have to go into your browser and enable JAVA script; in some you can do this selectively for a single site.

3. Popups blocked.  You know, when you "accidentally" visit a naughty site or mistakenly click on a link in an email and the site opens up hundreds of windows displaying things you really don't want to see and you play "whack-a-mole" closing them for 5 minutes hoping your boss doesn't come by?  Many browsers now block these.  You may need to turn popups on, at least for this site.  If you click on a picture of a small monkey, I want you to see the large monkey, but I don't want your browser to close the first window or put the big monkey there because then your computer will have to reload the page with the small monkey pictures and that can take a lot of time.  So, turn the popups on and I promise not to flood your screen, although I should note that all of the animals in these pictures are unclothed, except for a few dogs wearing collars.

4.  Other reasons.  My Firefox browser won't work right with these pages :(  I don't know why, and once I get all the content up I may try to find out, in the meantime I use Internet Explorer, which does work).  Also, maybe you are not a nice person and this is payback.  If you are a nice person and things aren't working I hope your luck turns around soon.  If you are driving while talking on your cell phone, I am in the small car in front of you that you are about to hit; is this conversation really worth it?

Video:  Last night Microsoft added a patch to Internet Explorer that prevented at least 1/2 of the videos from displaying.  I have new code in other places which isn't affected, but it will take me a long time to find and fix all the old code.  Until then (and perhaps even after then) try these fixes.

  1. Make sure all your video drivers are up-to-date
  2. It might take several clicks to get a video to start playing
  3. Several of the videos are very large and it may take minutes for them to download and start to play, even over a fast connection.
  4. Watch the information bar at the top of your web page; sometimes the program blocks the content.  If this is the case, see what steps you need to take for the browser to allow the content.  In some cases you might have to add to your "trusted sites".























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