Photo Permissions

The material on this website is for educational use only.  Although designed primarily for our students in Environmental Biology (Biology 102) and Ecology (Biology 318), as well as students on future field trips with us, we are placing it on the web for the benefit of students and interested  people everywhere.  The photography on this site has been done by Marietta College faculty, staff, students and friends. The photographs may be used for any educational purpose by any non-profit educational institution or individual, but please email for permission.  

Students and Educators:

I get a lot of email asking for permission to use an image or video in a classroom presentation, term paper, lecture or other such academic pursuit.  In virtually every case I say yes, but I do appreciate getting the requests.  Why?  These web pages take up a lot of space on our college's server (and actually generate more hits than many of the college's other pages).  Our IT department has been great about simply grinning and buying more hard drives to house all this, and the administration in general has been very supportive.  We see this as a public service.  Naturally, however, those who are paying the bills like to know what they are getting.  In particular, I like to be able to tell the dean how many requests I'm getting to use material found here and where they are coming from.  The admissions folk love to hear that high school and home school students are looking at our site (and maybe even drifting over to the college's home page to check out the college itself).  So, feel free to use the material here in your own learning and teaching, but please send off that email if you get a chance, and remember to cite your sources in your presentation!


Commercial Users:

There are a lot more photos, and a few more hours of video than what you see here on the site.  All of the images were taken with digital cameras, most with resolution over 4 megapixels and some a lot higher than that.  If you are interested in a higher resolution image, or perhaps a slightly different one, feel free to ask.  Depending on the intended use we might be able to release rights to you in return for acknowledgements, desk copies, other in-kind contributions, or tax-deductible monetary contributions to Marietta College, to be used in part to underwrite future trips for our students.  Again, please email Dr. Dave McShaffrey to discuss your project.

Everyone else - how you can help:

  1. Be an advocate for our planet - reduce, reuse, recycle.  We'd like future generations to have a natural world to explore too.
  2. If you know a bright high-school age student looking for a good college, draw their attention to Marietta College.
  3. If you use any of the images from this site, please add a citation citing Marietta College and, if feasible, listing the college web site, i.e.  Source: Marietta College -
  4. If you want to be exceedingly generous, a check is always a great way to help us in our work.  We'd use the money to help lower the costs of future trips for the students, either directly by putting it into the travel fund or indirectly by buying the books and equipment needed for these trips (and for our regular classes as well).  You can make out the check to "Marietta College" and send it to me:

    Dave McShaffrey
    Department of Biology
    Marietta College
    Marietta, OH  45750


    Explain what you want done with the money and I'll take it up to the advancement office so they can get a receipt for tax purposes back to you.  Or, if you want to deal directly with them, or use a credit card or whatever, check out their website at