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Urban Forest Summary 2000 (pdf)
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This site is maintained by the Marietta, Ohio, City Tree Commission.  You can use the Tree Search Form to identify trees planted in the right-of-way along city streets. These are the trees that occur in the "lawn strips" -- the grassy area between the sidewalk and curb -- and city parks. The tree search page loads slowly, but searching of the database is relatively rapid.


Assigned addresses

    Many city trees are at locations that do not have formal addresses; for example, along an empty lot that doesn't have have a street address.  Parks also do not have formal addresses. For these trees an address has been assigned, usually using an address number that would fall between the surrounding lots. For other locations, such as along parks and cemeteries, the assigned address may not be as readily apparent. Click here for a listing of some of the assigned addresses.

Site numbering

    Along a given address, trees and potential tree planting sites are numbered sequentially in front and, at street corners, along the side of the lot. For an explanation of how the street tree numbering system works, click here.