Details of the Biology Major and other Departmental Programs

Note: This information is taken from the 2003-2004 Marietta College Catalog.

  For the most accurate information, refer to the complete latest issue of the
Marietta College Catalog.

2003-2004 Biology, Environmental Science & Studies,

Degree Audits
(a convenient way to look at the overall requirements)
(Documents in Microsoft Word Format):
Biology Major   Biology Minor
Biochemistry Major
Environmental Science Major Environmental Science Major
Environmental Studies Major Environmental Studies Minor

Other Degree Audits (earlier versions)
Biology Environmental Science
Chemistry General Education

Previous Catalogs:

2002-2003 Biology & Biochemistry Catalog Copy
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2002-2003 Pre-Med and Pre-Vet Catalog Copy - Click here for PDF file

2002-2003 Environmental Science and Environmental Studies
Click here for PDF file


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