Rachel Carson and Stevie Nicks - A Field Guide

Recently on tests, I have noticed a tendency for students, when asked to name the book written by Rachel Carson, to answer "Silver Springs" instead of "Silent Sping".  It came to mind that there might be some confusion in the minds of many people out there as to the artists behind these seminal works.  As a public service, this web page will attempt to eliminate the confusion between these oft-confused women of influence.

Rachel Carson

Occupation:  Deceased Environmental Icon

Famous Work: Silent Spring (a book)

Associated With: The Club of Rome



Stevie Nicks





Occupation: Aging Rock Icon

Famous Work: Silver Springs (a song)

Associated With: Fleetwood Mac

Also sang about white-winged doves (below)

Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion.



Photos of both women, and audio, shamefully stolen from the internet.  Google search either woman to find out from exactly where.