4 Basic Tissue Types:


  1. Meristem
    1. Apical
    2. lateral
  2. Ground
    1. Parenchyma

                                                              i.      clorenchyma

                                                            ii.      phelloderm (inside bark, part of periderm)

    1. Collenchyma
    2. Sclerenchyma

                                                              i.      Sclereids

                                                            ii.      fibers

  1. Dermal
    1. Epidermal cells

                                                              i.      Guard cells

  1. Vascular
    1. Xylem

                                                              i.      Tracheids

                                                            ii.      Vessel elements

                                                          iii.      Also parenchyma for storage and sclerenchyma for support

    1. Phloem

                                                              i.      Sieve cells - gymnosperms

                                                            ii.      Sieve tube members - angiosperms

                                                          iii.      Companion cells (actually parenchyma cells)

                                                          iv.      Also sclerenchyma for support


All plant structures – leaves, stems, roots, fruits, flowers, etc. – will have some combination of the tissues listed above.


There are other “tissues” in plants – bark, for instance


See Table 27.3